7 Best Fruits for Gaining Muscles

Are you hoping to put on some muscle and look amazing for your upcoming beach day? You must consume enough protein in your diet in addition to exercising to hasten that process. Many people think that in order to consume enough protein in your diet, you must consume a lot of meat. However, did you know that you can also eat fruits? That’s correct! To achieve your bulking targets, you can eat some fruits a little bit more frequently than usual. So, in this post, we’ll look at the best fruits for muscle gain. Continue reading!

How do fruits help you gain muscle?

Calorie intake is the factor that matters the most for muscle growth. You must consume more calories (calorie surplus) than your body requires in order to gain muscle. Some fruits have a high caloric density, so you don’t need to eat as much of them to consume a lot of calories. This is beneficial when bulking as you don’t want to constantly feel “physically full.” Fruit is also not regarded as having empty calories, unlike candy, where the calories you eat don’t provide any nutrients.

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Fruit Micronutrients that Aid in Bulking

Vitamin A: This crucial vitamin supports the synthesis of proteins. This is essential to a bodybuilder’s ability to recover and grow muscles as quickly as possible. In addition, it is a strong antioxidant that aids in reducing body inflammation.

Vitamin C: This is the vitamin that can be found in fruits the most frequently. It is a crucial nutrient to include as a stronger immune system means a lower risk of illness. Additionally, it is essential for the synthesis of collagen, a protein that is found in great abundance in joints. Higher collagen synthesis results in stronger joints, which reduces injuries.

Vitamin E: The body requires this strong antioxidant in order to reduce inflammation and heal properly.

Vitamin B6: The amino acids we eat are more easily absorbed thanks to this vitamin. Since we cannot build muscle if we do not have enough amino acids, this is crucial for muscle growth. This vitamin is also required for the transformation of food into usable energy.

Folate: It is required for the generation of red blood cells and also boosts blood flow (more blood flowing to the muscles). More oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the muscle when red blood cells are healthy and blood flow is increased.

Potassium: For muscles to contract, this mineral is necessary. It also maintains proper water balance in the body, which controls heart rate and regulates how much fluid is present. You’re more likely to experience muscle cramps if your potassium levels aren’t sufficient.

Best Fruits for Gaining Muscles:

In terms of fruits high in protein, guava is unrivalled! Because it is so useful during workouts, guava is regarded as a “super-food” by many professional bodybuilders. The antioxidant vitamins C and A, which are crucial for a strong immune system, are also abundant in guava.


In addition to being a fantastic source of vitamin C, oranges are also a good source of protein and fibre. Approximately 1.7 gms of protein are present in one cup of oranges. For best results, eat them as a post-workout snack.



Good fats, protein, and vitamins can all be found in abundance in avocados. They are ideal for adding to sandwiches or smoothies to add an extra protein boost. Approximately 3 grammes of protein are found in one cup of avocado! It is therefore a fantastic option for those trying to gain muscle.


Were you aware that bananas can provide the same amount of energy for a workout as any sports drink? Bananas are a great pre-or post-workout snack. Because they are simple to eat, loaded with potassium, and contain a decent amount of protein (1.3gm per fruit).


This tropical Asian treat is sweet and crunchy, and it’s also nutrient- and protein-rich. It also resembles pulled pork or shredded chicken in texture. So you can quickly satisfy your protein cravings and use it as a fantastic meat swap! There is no better fruit to get jacked on than jackfruit.


There is very little protein or fat in watermelon; it is mostly made up of water. As a result, you may be thinking why it is on this list. The fact is that watermelon has a high citrulline content, which your body later converts to nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide improves muscle building by increasing blood flow to the muscles and aiding nutrient recovery.


The most widely consumed fruit in the world, apples have a respectable amount of protein per serving. It’s a simple and practical way to make those gains, even though it won’t give you muscles overnight. You can make one of the best protein-rich snacks ever by spreading peanut butter on slices of apple.

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