7 Signs That Show You Are You Drinking Too Much Water

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Drinking too much water? Signs you must know!

Water intoxication might lead to different unpleasant symptoms in your body!

Watch out your consumption of water!

Often, you might have heard that drinking water is important and you have got to drink adequate water to stay hydrated throughout the day. But have you ever thought of the other side? What happens when you drink more water? Or how might you know that you are consuming plenty of water? Well, when you drink water to stay hydrated there might be the other side as well. So, overhydration would also lead to dangerous health issues. Drinking too much water is called a water intoxication or hyponatremia which could even cause dangerous health conditions. So, here are signs which tell you that you are drinking too much water.

CONSUME WATER WHEN YOU ARE NOT EVEN THIRSTY: When you feel thirsty, you would consume water which is the natural thing to do. Well, you would consciously know that your body is in need of water when you are feeling thirsty as thirst is the signal for the body’s need for water. Similarly, you might drink water when you are not even feeling thirsty. Have you ever felt that? Some of us might have done it without unconsciously.

CONSUME WATER UNTIL YOU URINATE COLOURLESS: When you drink a healthy amount of water, your urine would be in transparent yellow color. But what most of the people think is that colorless urination is a healthy sign of hydration. So, people would drink more water which is not healthy.

MIGHT URINATE OFTEN INCLUDING NIGHT TIME: When you drink lots of water, you might often urinate and even during the nighttime. You would find yourself waking up from your sleep to urinate in the middle of the night. Normally, people urinate almost six to eight times a day and if you are urinating more than ten times then you must watch out the glasses of water you are consuming.

MIGHT FEEL NAUSEOUS AND VOMITING: Well, the symptoms of overhydration would be as same as that of dehydration. When you drink too much water, your kidney would be stressed out of it. So, it might cause symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and even diarrhea.

MIGHT WEAKEN THE MUSCLES: Building a healthy body is all about balance. So, the higher amount of water consumption would lower the electrolyte level and the balance is compromised though. This lower level of electrolyte might cause a number of symptoms such as muscle spasms and cramping as well. However, you could still get back the healthy functioning of your muscles by drinking coconut water to get rid of the cramps.

MIGHT FEEL TIRED AND FATIGUED: And yes! Your kidneys actually help in filtering the water and ensure that that level of the fluids in the blood is balanced. When you drink too much water, it would make your kidneys work harder than usual. So, this would make yourself stressed and tired to get out of the bed.

MIGHT CAUSE SWELLING OR DISCOLORATION: When it comes to water intoxication, people would notice swelling or discoloration in their hands, lips, and feet. Even people would gain water if they have the habit of drinking too much water as their bloodstreams have excessive water content. So, if you find any of the symptoms make sure to reduce your intake of water.

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