Astounding Health Benefits of A Banyan Tree


Known to be the national tree of India, the Banyan tree is one of the most oxygen-producing trees of the nation. Since it has the power to live for hundreds and hundreds of years, the Banyan tree has gift several benefits for mankind and the environment. Each part of the huge Banyan tree is incorporated with several benefits. However, the tree is naturally infused with essential nutrients. So, let’s check out the astounding health benefits of a Banyan tree.


The immune power of the body is essential as it plays a crucial role in defending the body from foreign particles. While the Banyan tree is awesome in producing oxygen, the bark of the tree could be an amazing immune-boosting agent.


The human body consists of both good and bad cholesterol levels and so it is necessary to neutralize the levels of cholesterol. If you are wondering how the national tree could help you in leveling the cholesterol, then it is because of the bark of the Banyan tree.


The flavonoids and other effective nutrients present in Banyan trees could be beneficial for treating diarrhea. All you have to do is to use the budding leaves of the tree and soak them in water as it works as an astringent agent to treat diarrhea, dysentery, and any other irritation in the gastrointestinal tract.


Like other parts of the body, the health of your mouth is essential. While you could use different tubes of toothpaste of various products, you could still not get the essence of the natural one. Back then, people would use the aerial roots of the tree to brush their teeth. Well, the aerial roots could act as a natural toothpaste thereby averting gum diseases, tooth decay, and bleeding gums. Moreover, it would make the teeth stronger and decrease the bad breath. This is due to the presence of antibacterial and astringent properties that keeps oral health issues at bay.


This is one of the common issues faced by women. Since the usage of chemical-infused products could worsen the infection, you could go for natural remedies. Well, the barks and leaves of the Banyan tree ie high helpful in treating vaginal infections. All you have to do is to crush some dried Banyan leaves to get the powder and then boil the powder in a litre of water till it is reduced to half amount. And allow it to cool, then apply it to the infected area to get relief. So, these are some of the astounding health benefits of a Banyan tree.

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