Best Brain Exercises to Develop a Healthy Mind

Since the world is speaking about the importance of your body, and how to take care of it, you must also find ways to develop your mind by taking good care of it. Each human knows how the brain plays an essential part in the entire body. Each and every part of your body is connected to your brain and so, it is necessary to keep it healthy by all means. But how? Well, You could regularly challenge yourself with games and mental exercise would be helpful in maintaining the strong connections between your body and other body parts. When your brain is sharp and healthy, it would prevent brain-related diseases. So now, let’s check out the following brain exercises which develop a sharp mind.

Best Brain Exercises to Develop a Healthy Mind:
Try Practicing Creative Thinking:

The perfect way to make your brain strong and agile is to practice creative thinking. This would be a completely fun activity to do and it could be amazing and make you amazed at your ability as well. You could try narrating or writing a story using only ten words or try spoken poetry. These activities would make your brain work and disclose your creativity.

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Try Writing with Your Non-dominant Hand:

Ever tried this trick of writing with your non-dominant hand? Of course, some of you might have tried it playfully. But you might not know how healthy it would be for your brain. When you do know about it, you would often indulge in this creative activity. As your dominant hand is linked with the opposite side of your brain which means if you are a right-hand writer then it would be connected with the left side of the brain and the left with the right side of the brain, it would thus be providing a number of health benefits. So, challenge yourself by doing things with the non-dominant hand. This would enhance your creativity and hone your brain.

Try Counting Backwards:

Counting backwards is one of the best exercises which needs your complete attention. All you have to do is to count backward like from 200 or 500. You could do it in several ways by subtracting it as well. This would also be a fun-filled exercise that you could involve in to make your mind agile and healthy. However, changing the rules of the game every time would help you challenge your brain.


When you interact with people, it would be beneficial for your mental health. You could simply spend some time with your family by chit-chatting or with your friends or siblings or neighbour or grandchildren or anyone you would like to. This is because interacting with others would help develop the cognitive reserves which act as a reservoir of brain function as per the research. Moreover, it would help you lower the stress hormone called cortisol.

Indulge in Crossover Exercises:

Like many other brain exercises, these exercises are brain-healthy too. These exercises would involve both the right and left sides of your body. You could simply touch your left ankle or foot with your right hand and your right ankle or foot with your left hand. This would work as a great warm-up and exercise for your entire body though. Try doing it every day as it would never consume much of your time.

Go Positive:

You know you would often be stressed and worried about your family’s well-being and your own health. However, you should try to be sanguine as much as you could. And if you are feeling low, just try imagining a happy situation or visualize a happy incident you experienced being there as it would give you joy within and alter your mood completely. Just try it and develop the power of your brain!

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