Best Breathing Techniques To Endure Any Weather

The sudden climatic changes are what people do not expect in recent days. The modern era is just unpredictable when compared to the ancient era. The ancient people have the best knowledge of predicting the weather and climatic changes. In contrast, the modern age has been experiencing unexpected downpours and floods which might be due to climatic changes. The cold weather could make it difficult for the feeble people to breathe and others who suffer from sinus, asthma, etc. Keeping your respiratory system healthy and happy is essential when it comes to cold weather. Be it cold weather or hot weather, it would be better if you master the following breathing techniques. Ever since the raging coronavirus hit the world, people did realize the importance of lung health. Similarly, healthy lungs are indispensable to fighting climatic changes. So, Master the following breathing techniques to endure any weather.

Alternate Nostril Breathing:

Nostril Breathing

Otherwise known as Nadi Shodhana Pranayama, alternate nostril breathing is known for its de-stressing and eliminating anxiety as well. It would also fortify the respiratory system. All you have to do is to sit straight on crossed legs and have a long inhale and exhale initially to make yourself comfy. Now, place your left hand in the chin mudra symbol on your thigh and your right hand in the Nasagra mudra. Start by closing the right nostril with the right thumb and inhaling deeply with the left nostril. Then, close it with little ring fingers and exhale through the right nostril by opening it. Again, inhale through the right nostril and then exhale through the left nostril. Do it 9 times alternatively to have a good flow of breathing irrespective of the weather.

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Belly Breathing:

Belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing is an effective breathing technique that could improve the flow of oxygen throughout your body. Doing it could manage blood pressure and enhance relaxation. To perform this, you just have to lie down on the ground or the bed if the floor is cold and place a pillow under your knees and head. Now, place one hand on the belly button and the other one on the heart. And start inhaling through the nose and feel the movements of your stomach. Then, exhale the air through the mouth thereby involving your stomach muscles in the process.

Ocean Breathing:

Ocean Breathing

Also known as Ujjayi Pranayama which is derived from the Sanskrit word “Ujjayi” – meaning “to conquer”, Ocean breathing technique is beneficial in strengthening the respiratory system. Apart from this, it would regulate the body’s internal temperature. This is particularly performed by taking a deep breath from both the nostrils and half-closed glottis. This is just as simple as that even if you feel difficult initially. Sit erect on the floor in a meditative pose and ensure to shut your eyes.

Now, have a long breath in and out of your mouth to make yourself comfy. As of now, close your mouth and inhale and exhale while constricting the throat. It would create noise while you are exhaling the air. Make sure to inhale the air and hold on for a few seconds and then exhale with the constriction in your throat. This breathing technique is extremely powerful and beneficial to your entire body and mind.

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