Cooking in Earthen Pots: Read Out the Benefits!

We all might have seen earthenware as it is an intrinsic part of the Indian households. Have you ever tried foods that have been cooked in earthenware? If so, you would have sensed the mesmerizing aroma of the earthen pot as well as the dish and you would have also tasted an eternally delectable food in your life. In rural parts of India, people use to store water in earthen pots than in the normal containers. Additionally, they have been following the old traditional method of cooking in earthen pots. Even people living in the cities now started to cook in earthen pots due to its health benefits. Due to its multiple health benefits, Ayurveda suggests cooking in a clay pot. So, let’s sneak into the benefits of cooking in clay pots or earthen pots.


The clay pots are made up of clay that has alkaline naturally. The presence of alkaline thus interacts with the acids in the food while cooking and also balance pH. It will provide healthier food as well as spreads a good aroma urging you to taste the deliciously healthy food. It is also loaded with various minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. On the whole, it serves a food full of healthy and aromatic for you.

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If you really wanna avoid using an excessive amount of oil, then the wise choice is to cook in earthen pots. Due to the excessive use of oil, it may lead to other weight gain paving the path to heart diseases. So, when you choose wisely to cook in earthen pots, it will require only less amount of oil. It takes a long time to heat and will be a slower cooking process, which thus helps in retaining the natural moisture and natural oils in the food.


When it comes to cooking in earthen pots, it allows the heat and moisture to circulate properly and evenly during the cooking process. Do you know why? This is because the clay pots are porous in nature and allow the heat and moisture to circulate evenly, thereby retaining the food to be more nutritive than other foods prepared in other utensils. Even meats prepared in clay pots are said to be in a juicy and tender manner which is highly delicious.


The true aroma of the food lies on the food that is cooked in an earthen or clay pot. It is just because of the porous nature present in the clay pots and also because of the slow cooking process.


It is highly suggested to drink your tea or coffee in an earthen pot which is a hundred percent healthy for your body naturally. Further, it also provides superb aroma and taste to the milk products when you taste it.

Clay or earthen pots are easily affordable as they are inexpensive and are available in different sizes. You could purchase the convenient pots for the cooking and so why not you try following the traditional way of cooking in earthen pots?

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