‘KISSING’ What ‘NOT TO DO’ During The Heavenly Act


Kissing your romantic partner boosts your sex drive and it has a positive impact on both your physical and emotional well being. We kiss for all sorts of reasons and one should know what NO TO DO when you are doing this heavenly act. Here are a few tips on what you should avoid when you are kissing

Don’t run into excitement – As a matter of fact, you will be excited about having a perfect kiss with your partner, but don’t get carried away too much, which would make him or she go out of the flow. Getting excited will lead you to do unwanted things like biting and going very raw, resulting in doing away with the Kiss.

Don’t tutor – Don’t be upfront if one of you dislike something during the action. Do not interrupt, stop or suspend the kiss abruptly. Don’t try to teach your partner at this stage as he or she will hate it. Casually propose to try doing something new next time and your partner will be all the more happy to agree.

Don’t Lip lock – Generally, people love to explore and as a partner, you have to oblige. Let our partner do so till the act is within the limits. When you lock your lips, your partner doesn’t get the liberty to try out on you further. Allow them to discover your unknown secrets, which even you may not know.

Don’t use too much tongue – The kiss needs to remain longer. By using the tongue generously you can stay put, but don’t overdo it. Slowly caressing the lips with your tongue and playing with your fingers during the course of action is fine, but sticking out constantly will make your partner feel awful. So let your tongue just say a Hi!

No drooling of Saliva – Wet kisses are okay and it has to be so. Shoddy kisses are not. It will be very irritating and horrible transferring or exchanging mouthful of saliva. Exercise utmost care as it may spoil the joyful act of Kissing, even though both of you are completely into it. Drooling of saliva is strictly a No No!

Don’t be a mute spectator – You are not here to watch or receive something and enjoy. Kissing is mutual doing. You cannot be at the receiving end. Enjoy the course of action and genuinely be a participant. To experience the best results of merriment play the ‘Game of Kiss’ sincerely.

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