The Golden Rules of Kissing Nobody Told You


Kisses are gifts, which you can always return.

Kissing is an art. When it is made perfect, it becomes a masterpiece. Feel the experience by making it as a coordinated effort. Make it like the first time every single time and make it memorable. Presenting you the untold golden rules to follow when you do the ‘Divine art’.

Hair fetishism –Both Men and Women love it when you play with their hair while kissing. Run your fingers through their hair slowly. Keep it gentle and light. Now just pull the hair swiftly without hurting, your partner will get the shock of gaiety and eventually this will show your partner how much you are live, enjoying the heavenly act.

Wrap your hands around – By doing this you make your partner understand that you are amused and engrossed in the act. Try putting your hands around the shoulders or wrap our hands around the waist. Though both are good options to try, ‘height matters here’. It’s your call to decide which is best for you and your partner. Decide and keep it going.

Add some spice – Heard of the saying ‘Add fuel to the fire’? Yes, to get the situation more intense, you have to spice it up. Get intimate with your partner when you kiss. Try gently to caress the neck and cheeks. The best thing is to stroke the ears or rub the ear lobes, whisper your ‘Secret Sweet Nothing’ and go high on spirits. Ear and ear lobes are one of the most sensitive areas which for sure will turn them on, especially for men.

Add some secret ingredient – Very few people make this attempt. Add your favourite flavour and savour it to the full when you begin. Take a bite of chocolate, wet your lips and rub it with your tongue on your lips. Do this right before you are ready to kiss. Keep it as a surprise to your partner and this gives that one winning shot, taking both of you high when you just begin to indulge in the thrill. Try out flavours such as strawberry, cherry, and mango or according to your partner’s likes, which you only know.

Observe your partner – Both of you will not be able to see each other’s reaction as you kiss. However, the way you breathe and the physical movements that you make will tell you about the situation. The vehemence of kissing should always be understood mutually based on those sensations. If both of you are on the go, just go ahead and explore new things. If that’s not the case, slow down, make your partner comfortable with what they want and then proceed. Never forget, ‘It takes two to tango‘.

The New is always better– Never be afraid to try out new things. Kissing has no boundaries. Don’t stick on to basic unexciting, wishy-washy and boring methods. Try to use different styles. Try kissing them in different places, try different types of kisses and attempt doing it in the most unanticipated places, make it a surprise. There is no rule book for kissing. In short, get the new you, out of you.

Master the art with these tips, reach heights and make it unforgettable. “Let the echo of kiss keep lingering.”

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