Top 4 Ways to Mentally Improve Men’s Wellness

Mental health and emotional wellness for men is too often an overlooked topic. When it comes to the figures around men suffering from mental and emotional wellness related issues, the numbers paint an alarming picture. For one reason or another, however, men are less likely to speak about their health. Focusing on men’s wellness should be a priority year-round for men of all ages.

What is Emotional Wellness

The University of California, Davis defines emotional wellness as “…involving the awareness, understanding, and acceptance of our feelings” as they relate to handling the day-to-day changes and challenges of life.

What are a few ways to improve men’s wellness? Read on to learn a few warning signs of poor emotional wellness, and ways you can cope and improve it daily.

1. Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety Levels

Stress is your body’s natural reaction to change or unfamiliar situations and oftentimes can be a good feeling. Forms of stress like anxiety or depression, however, can be cause for concern for men’s wellness. On average, men are four times more likely than women to commit suicide due to depression.

Simple fixes to reduce stress levels or anxiety are numerous, including talking to a licensed online psychiatrist. While working through issues on your own can be helpful, a psychiatrist can aid in getting to the cause of your issue and even prescribe medication if necessary. Decreased stress levels can help you see a positive reduction in blood pressure, improved relationships and even better sleep.

2. Prioritize Quality Sleep

Many aspects of men’s wellness come down to what is done during the day. From how time is spent between work, family, and leisure, the most important aspect of wellness is rest and recovery. Not only are the restorative aspects of sleep vital, but the effects of sleep deprivation can damage aspects from the ability to communicate effectively to basic motor skills, and even make you prone to more serious health concerns.

Poor sleep can lead to easier weight gain, and sleep duration can predict heart health outcomes. One study noted that irregular sleep patterns can result in poor sleep performance. This can be resolved by getting into a regular bed and wake time schedule.

3. Find Balance

Balanced living encompasses all aspects of life: mental and emotional wellness, relationships, work, fitness, and so on. Work-life balance is one aspect that has been thrown up in the air since the onset of COVID-19.

Finding and embracing balance in life can take on many different forms, such as morning yoga or a workout. Discovering the ability to say no when people ask you for favours or simply having the awareness that you need some time for yourself can give you additional freedom.

4. Seek Help

At the end of the day, men’s wellness is a difficult subject to talk about. Despite the resistance to talk about mental or emotional wellness, especially in men, the statistics surrounding a lack of these conversations are staggering…
3 in 4 suicides in the US are men

Nearly one man dies every second globally from suicide
65% of men avoid going to the doctor per a study from Cleveland Clinic

Whether communicating comes by telling your loved ones how you are feeling, confiding in a healthcare professional, or being the friend others can come to talk to about their troubles, the options are numerous.

Wrapping Up

Men’s wellness and emotional health is key part of living a happy and fulfilling life. As you learn to embrace your physical, mental, and emotional wellness, take these tips and apply them to your life. Remember, emotional wellness is the collection of everything you experience and how it relates to your day-to-day life.

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