Top Health Benefits of Doing Burpees

Ever did burpees while doing your workouts? Or your trainer advised you to do burpees? Wonder what are the benefits associated with burpees? Well then, the article would help you to understand burpees, how it works on your body and the health benefits associated with it. Being a part of your training, Burpees are one of the fastest fat-burning exercises. It would work on your back, arms, chest, glutes, core, and legs. As the best cardio exercise, it would be a great warm-up for Athletes. With its popularity, burpees turn out to be most people’s favourite workout. So, here are the top health benefits of doing burpees. Check them out!


Including burpees in your daily workout routine would help burn the calories at a faster rate. This is because burpees are known to be an intense full-body workout that effectively burns down calories. You could simply burn calories without doing the treadmill or elliptical thing.


According to the experts, doing burpees could improve your lung health. Since burpees are great cardio exercises, they would only improve cardiovascular health but also enhances lung performance.

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While burpees could improve heart and lung function, they could also do their best for increasing brain health. As burpees include the whole body, it would stimulate your brain to work accordingly during the whole workout session. This would thus boost the brain function thereby releasing the feel-good hormone called endorphins.


When you are involved in daily physical activities, it would directly impact your mood and body. One such impact is gaining strength eventually as the result of doing burpees. Aforementioned, burpees work on your chest, arms, muscles, and core and so it would increase the strength of your body. So, you would be productive and alert throughout the day.


Practising burpees daily would enhance your cardiovascular fitness and tone the muscles well. So, it would increase the sports performance of an individual thereby spiking up stamina, balance, and endurance. Moreover, it would reduce the risk of injuries while playing. So, these are the top health benefits of doing burpees every day.

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