Know Thy Reasons for Not Shedding Weight

Most people say that they are into exercises, workouts, and diets to reduce the size of their waists. While all these could be working for your body, you still might be worrying when you stare at the mirror as you got no difference in your body. Even some might be annoyed while checking their body weight in the weight machine as it shows the same. You might be really enraged to know what does not work for your body. So, here are the top reasons for not shedding weight. Check them out!


After seven to eight hours of snoozing, your body would low in energy and need to kick start it for the next day. You might think that skipping breakfast could be the best idea but it is not true though. When you skip the first meal of the day, it would only stimulate hunger thereby making your tummy rumbling. As a result, you end up binge-eating snacks or overeating the meals at your lunch. So, this would only gain your weight instead of shedding it.


If you are saying you are working out or exercising, then you should have to reschedule your exercise forms which would work effectively for your body. So, you could increase the counts of each set of any form of exercise you are indulging in. This would have an impact on your body. Well, not getting enough exercise could be one of the top reasons for not shedding weight.

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Eating right before bedtime could be one of the worst things you could do for your body. This is because it would interrupt the metabolism of your body and makes slow down the functions of your body. As a result, you would end up experiencing sleep deprivation which is no good for your body. Moreover, the intake of high carbs for dinner would make it difficult to digest and thus leads to weight gain.


While it is okay to use a microwave oven for cooking dishes, it is not okay to use it frequently. The heat from a microwave oven would reduce the nutritious value of the foods which would not help you in developing a healthy body as you wish.


Although you are following a strict diet and effective physical activity, you could not be able to get your ideal body weight if you are not getting enough sleep at night. Poor snoozing would collapse your body’s circadian rhythms which thus lead to weight gain.


Sometimes, you have this stressful eating but you really do not know why you are actually hankering. As the name says it all, you are being craved because your stress hormone (cortisol) works behind the scenes. It would increase the appetite thereby making you munch sweet, fatty, and salty foods. As a result, your waist size remains the same or increases.

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