Unbelievable Reasons Why Eating With Bare Hands is Great For Your Health


Healthy Reasons for Eating Foods with your Bare Hands!

Eating with hands is an Indian traditional way of eating and has more impacts on your health. Rather than eating with spoons and forks, you should choose to eat with hands. Did you know eating with hands is an excellent muscle exercise? Yes! When you eat with hands you will be aware of the textures, taste, and ability to identify the ingredients added to the food. However, eating with hands makes you eat slower than eating with spoons. We might feel satisfied when we finish eating with our hands but not with the cutlery. The influence of westernization and modernization has changed the minds of the people and in turn, they abandon the valuable traditional methods of India. As per Ayurveda, the nerve endings of the fingertips are believed to boost up the digestion as well.

REVITALIZES DIGESTION: It is said that our body must have the bacteria or flora that resides in the places such as hands, mouth, throat, intestine, and gut which shields us from harmful bacteria growing in the environment. So, when we eat with our hands, the friendly flora, in turn, helps to protect our digestive system from harmful bacteria. And this is how it stimulates the digestive system yet you should never forget to wash your hands before eating.

IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION: As mentioned before, eating with hands itself is an amazing muscle exercise, this paves the way for better blood circulation. The movements of the hands will help you to keep the blood flow smoother than ever.

ASSISTS IN MANAGING THE FOOD PORTIONS: While you are eating with the hands, you will be able to manage your foods. When you eat without minding your food portion, then you definitely will gain weight. Eating with hands helps you to eat slower than cutlery and you will pay attention to what you are eating as well as the amount you have eaten. You will feel the wholeness of the food along with enjoyable taste.

HYGIENIC: Eating with the hands is actually considered to be hygienic because we wash our hands often in a day. When it comes to using utensils, we might wash only once a day after using it. Meanwhile, we automatically wash our hands before we start to eat and it becomes a traditional habit too.

ASSISTS IN FITNESS: Though we have several benefits such as better digestion, managing food portions, and muscle exercise, we have gained an amazing benefit to staying fit. Studies have found that people who eat with hands while reading or watching TV, experience less-craving for snacks. As a result, eating with hands provides a sense of fullness and satiated level when compared to eating with spoons.

AVERT TYPE-2 DIABETES: It is according to a study published in the Clinical Nutrition journal, people who have type-2 diabetes were said to be fast eaters by using cutlery. So eating with spoons and forks match-up with faster eating which has been connected with blood-sugar imbalances in the body. This, in turn, develops type-2 diabetes further and so just throw away the cutlery and choose to eat with the hands.

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