Why You Should Ditch Using Mobiles in Restroom?

There is a dangerous but also unpleasant habit that individuals appear to have picked up on through the years. Whoever began the habit of bringing their phones into restrooms should be arrested or charged with a crime. And, to address the obvious, you may be reading this on your mobile from the restroom. Please halt if you are. You may believe that this reaction is overdone and that there is nothing wrong with carrying your phone while doing your business. However, there are numerous flaws with this practice.

So we decided to write a lengthy piece about why you should quit the habit and become a normal human again. And, before you suggest it’s a typical human habit, it isn’t.

Here’s why you should ditch using mobiles in restrooms:
Your mobile is most likely caught up with so many germs

If you frequently bring your mobile into a restroom, there is no disputing that it has a plethora of germs sitting about on it. We recently escaped a massive virus outbreak that killed millions around the world. And, for obvious reasons, many people stopped using their smartphones in restrooms during the pandemic. But, chances are, everyone is getting back into the habit since, well, everything is back to normal now, right?

The thing is, by introducing a device into a situation where you literally need to clean yourself, you’re simply allowing a whole other universe to develop. That’s true, there’s a whole new universe in your phone, and most likely in your hands, filled with nasty germs, fungi, and yeast. And that’s not all; you actually carry your phones with you all the time and stack them on top of everything. You bring it into your kitchen, take it outside, have it with you while shopping, and hold it in your hands while eating.

Contamination happens, and germs are everywhere, no matter how careful you are with your phone in the restroom. And you know what else people do that is revolting? They even use mobile phones in public bathrooms. You may believe that because you’re answering a call or texting someone back in the toilets, there won’t be any germs. However, your phone is likely already infected with a variety of contaminants after entering the restroom.

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You can save time by giving up the habit

Ask yourself how many hours a day you spend on your phone, and you’ll realise that having your phone with you in the restroom can’t be that vital. Without your mobile, you can concentrate on what you need to do and leave the toilet in 5 to 10 minutes. And if what you need to accomplish on your phone is truly that vital, that is even more reason not to bring it inside.

Because you’ll be either on the phone or doing something else. In either case, you will do more harm than good to your health and waste your time. So make it a rule not to take any calls or texts, anyone, while inside the restroom. It isn’t as critical as what you need to do in the restroom, and it can wait a few minutes.

Your brain most definitely needs a break

For some people, going to the toilet is like taking a break from a job, children, and so on. They also tend to bring their phones because they never have enough time to scroll through them outside of toilets. However, escaping from such things should not be squandered by wasting time on your phones. You could take a break, even if you were in the restroom without your mobile. You never give your brain a break by always taking your phone around with you, texting, responding to emails, or chatting. That’s the kind of break you need, not the 20-minute bathroom break with your smartphone.

It should go without saying that you should not use your mobile while pooping or doing anything else in the restroom. However, most people are so engrossed in their phones that they are unable to see it. If you’re one of them, maybe this piece has shown you how harmful, time-consuming, and just nasty this behaviour is.

What are your feelings about using phones in restrooms? Please let us know!

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