Why Printed Books Over Digital Ones for Reading?

You are most likely a person who likes printed books to digital ones if you are reading this post. And, while many people might disagree with you, printed books are still the ideal choice for reading. Yes, e-books help to minimise paper use, which means fewer trees are cut down. Another advantage of e-books is that they are easier to transport than traditional books in some instances. You don’t need anything else because everything is available on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. However, in our opinion, e-books do more harm than good to our health and are simply not the ideal option for this generation.

So, let’s look at why you should read printed books rather than digital ones. Continue reading to see how we prove our point.

Reasons to choose printed books over digital ones:
They don’t distract you much while reading

There will always be some distraction while we are doing something we enjoy, such as reading. However, e-books are far more distracting than printed books. When you opt to read a physical book, you will put down your phone and avoid using desktops and laptops. There will be no notifications to check while reading, and you will not spend hours wandering around social media after only opting to check a notification.

The entire reading mood will be destroyed when you realise you’ve just wasted more than a few minutes. What will happen then? You’ll probably put down the printed book and do something else instead of reading. These kinds of distractions are unavoidable when reading on a digital gadget. Print books, on the other hand, keep you concentrated and, after a while, you begin to like reading them. That is one of the most compelling reasons to prefer printed books over the digital versions.

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They are not harmful to your eyes

Your digital gadgets have a reading mode, but no matter what you do, you can’t focus on reading for hours with e-books. Your eyes will begin to burn out, which is bad for your health in the long run. Most individuals require glasses to work on their computers, phones, or anything else with a screen. And the majority of those glasses will include a blue light blocking option. Even with all these precautions, your eyes will become weary and uncomfortable after only an hour or two of continuous reading.

Printed books, on the other hand, are better for your eyes. You don’t have to squint so hard to read what you want. Your eyes will not be harmed in the long term by all of the harmful rays, and you will be able to read everything you desire.

They help you sleep better

Almost everyone is aware that you should not look at your phone or laptop for at least one hour before going to bed. However, only a few people truly practise the habit. Because most individuals are only able to binge-watch their favourite show at night. Many people still maintain the habit of reading shortly before bedtime to unwind after a long day.

And, at that moment, choosing a printed book over an e-book will help you sleep better. If you’re tired, you’ll want to sleep after a few pages of reading in a printed book. However, if you read on a digital gadget, the rays will irritate your eyes and cause a headache. When you choose an e-book over a paper book, the entire purpose of reading to calm your mind and body is destroyed.

And that is everything we needed to say about why printed books are better than digital ones. Do you prefer printed books or e-books for reading? Let us know your thoughts!

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