3 Indian Couple Influencers on Instagram: The Aphrodite Series

Chapter Five: The Couple Goals

The growing popularity of Instagram could never be matched with any other social media platform. When it comes to social media platforms, the foremost thing that reaches the mind is Instagram. Gone are the times when people sent a friend request on Facebook. We are now in a world where people ask for “Instagram accounts”. From tweens to elder adults, people are into Instagram as they found it gripping. Especially when the pandemic hits the world, social media platform is the gateway for people to escape from reality. As people started doing reels, videos and photos innovatively as per their niche, they made the audience engrossing. As V-day is already here, we are here to help you explore some amazingly influencing Indian couple Instagrammers. If you are wondering about what V-day has to do with Instagram couples, then it is obvious that it’s time to know the influencing couples from India. So, you could get a dose of inspiration from those Indian couple Instagrammers.

ODYSSEY OF TWO (Rebecca & Gowtham):

A couple of goals are a wholesome feeling. It could be experienced, irrespective of relationship status. When watching a couple do their things together, sets an example for couple goals. However, you would be enjoying it anyway as if you would be doing it one day with your significant other. And that’s how you experience it even if you are not in a relationship. So, here is one such lovey-dovey couple who throws couple goals at you with captivating videos and photographs entitled “Odyssey of two” on Instagram. Gowtham, a doctor by Profession and Rebecca, an Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer from Chennai got hitched back then in 2018. They share a mutual love for travel and exploring the world. Reportedly, they thought of becoming a travel blogger thereby documenting their travel journey through stunning photographs. They also share lovely reels and photographs on Instagram which depict the essence of love in their relationship.

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JODIANOORABH (Anoosha Shetty & Saurabh Chanderiya):

Both Anoosha and Saurabh are Software Engineers by Profession but they are better known as “jodianoorabh”. The couple dancers and choreographers would produce dance covers for their YouTube channel and into reels on Instagram. One of the favourite dance covers they choreographed is for Darke’s song “Nice for What” which was shot in Kerala, as per the reports. Jodianoorabh travels to places and plans their dance covers in different places with cool moves. They recently choreograph songs and moves as per the audiences’ requests on their Instagram profile (@jodianoorabh). With 319K followers on Instagram, the couple has the essence of love and fun while dancing to the music. Reportedly, it is said that the couple expressed that they would feel free and present at the moment while dancing. Moreover, the most energetic couple of Instagrammers does Zumba classes, dance workshops and trending videos. They are an influencer.


Gained 1.2M followers on Instagram, “Bruised Passports” could never be missed in any article about influencing couples. From being traveller-duo to author-duo, Savi and Vid have explored almost 96 countries. Their verified page (@brusiedpassports) highlights “Travel & Love – Savi & Vid” and it is filled with vibrant videos and photographs of the couple travelling. The inspiring couple not only gives the goal of travelling together but also gives the collaboration of producing a travel book. Travelling the World as Digital Nomads manifests the couple’s dreams and how they turned them real. It also incorporates their uncountable flights and awesome explorations along with the hurdles they came across. More to the delight, they would let you know how to make your travelling dreams come true from financial management to exploring new places.

Of mentioned 3 Indian couple Instagrammers, you might have felt one thing while reading it – the love and friendship they share. The two elements help the couples make the most out of their relationship while exploring their life together.

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