Love Story of Viral Tik Tok couple – Tom and Rachel: The Aphrodite Series

Chapter Three

The one thing you would never be tired of doing is LOVING someone boundlessly. Pouring love as well as receiving it would define your life. The loving partner you are married to or in a relationship with could make it possible for you, for sure. As we have had come through the last chapters about the Obamas and Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we are now going to read about one such amazing and loving Instagram couple. Tom Sullivan and Rachel Sullivan are someone who would bring you smiles and positivity while reading about them. They make you believe in humanity, kindness, love, friendship, fertility, and you could battle PCOD through healthy and heavenly foods. So, you are here to read how the couple feed 100 college students and the husband’s secret Instagram account for his wife help her not to yield to PCOD. And that’s how the title goes, ‘The PCOD Love Story: Aphrodite Series’.

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As Rachel Sullivan has been diagnosed with PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), she has been told about the chances of infertility. As the Sullivans were trying to have a baby, this did not make them abandon the belief. Tom, who took up ‘cooking’ as his hobby, has been preparing foods that help Rachel in regulating hormones. He, then, created an Instagram account (@mealssheeat) wherein he could document the foods he prepares every day for his wife. But this has been kept secret for a while until Rachel noted the suggestion of this particular account. We know what you are thinking. Wouldn’t be the nicest thing you have ever come across on the internet? Of course, it is! It is so sweet of him to produce such amazing foods for his wife to balance the hormones which help her get conceived. The great news is that ‘they are pregnant now’. Reportedly, Rachel said that her husband knows more about irregular menstruation than the women themselves. Of course, there might be hundreds of Tom and Rachel Sullivans out who would be supporting each other throughout the years. Well, Love and Friendship are the life forces that derive the several couples to achieve endurance.

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Reportedly, before transferring to North Carolina, Tom was working out at the gym in Chicago, he happened to meet a college Kid, Kevin Gallagher, the son of one of the friends of Rachel. Kevin and his friends were into diets and workouts but they did not get enough food back at their place to stay healthy and fit. Fortunately, he shared things with Tom Sullivan who has been preparing delish foods for his wife. So, Tom invited Kevin to have dinner at his place thereby giving birth to a wonderful bond between the Sullivans and Gallagher. It was not too long for them to take in more kids as Rachel posted the video of “Kevin the College kid” on Tik Tok. As of now, the video has 13 million views which incorporate comments of viewers asking whether they could be adopted like Gallagher.


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Since then, the idea of a meals-to-go program raised in their minds. The program includes the meals Tom prepares for Rachel as per her diet and the 100 college students. The couple also shared about the kids expressing their gratefulness for feeding them with delightful homemade foods. The couple tries to prepare big and delicious meals every week as well. The couple is growing popular and so does their dog, Odin. The joyful couple is now expecting a little member to join their family. Don’t they deserve all these? YEEEESSSSSSSS, they do!

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