5 Most Simple Ways To Make ‘Work From Home’ Easy During The Pandemic


Since the government has ordered lockdown to curb the spread of the deadly virus, we are pushed in the situation to work from home which would be safe and protective as well. Most of the people are now working from home and it turns out to be the biggest task to deal with their personal and official life at home. There might be so many distractions prevailing at your home which would divert your concentration on work. As we are dealing with the tough situation, you gotta work at home with better scheduling of each day and make it routine. So, here are few tips to make work from home easy during the lockdown.

ENSURE A DESIGNATED WORKPLACE AT HOME: First and the foremost thing is that you have to create your own workspace which would be away from any distraction. It is best to work in a closed room where you are not diverted by family members or fridge or television or bed which takes away your focus. Also, make sure of the furniture which would be comfortable for you to work and maintain the cleanliness of the workspace.

WORK AS PER PLAN: You should plan your target and work accordingly every day. Work as per plan even if you get new mails and multi-tasking would kill your productivity. Ensure to keep your gadgets and other tools such as a diary, pen, and important notes in one place. And if you have kids, just divide your parental duties with your spouse which in turn would not disrupt both of your working hours, in case your spouse is working too.

COMMUNICATION IS ESSENTIAL: You should be available for communication as your team and manager would check in for any queries and discussion. So, it is best to have a video call your colleagues or chat with them instead of spamming each other’s mailboxes. Maintain regular interactions with your team and manager as well. When you are a manager, you could share more information and check in on them and even organize social interactions or chat sessions which is essential in this situation.

STAY AWAY FROM DISTRACTIONS: This is one of the biggest challenges in a work-from-home situation as you would be surrounded by people. So, you must block out the human distractions by setting your rules with them and you should also pretend as if you are at your official workplace and not at home. Just because there is no one to monitor you, you could scroll on the newsfeed and attend personal phone calls or involve in housework. If you want you could switch off all notifications and switch off your mobile data. Keep all the necessary things available by your side so that you could avoid getting up from your chair unnecessarily. But you could have a lunch break and other breaks as you have in your official space.

BE MORE PRODUCTIVE: Eventually, you would be adapted to this new way of working. But be prepared to hit the targets each day as planned. To be productive, you could schedule as completing the toughest tasks in the morning and calls in the afternoon. Meanwhile, you should prefer the technique of standing up and working around for 5 minutes which would be preferably in sunlight and fresh air or to recharge yourself. You could also add music as a background if you find it helps in focus. So, if you are productive and happy, you could enjoy this new way of working at home.

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