5 Unique Clubs in Chennai You Should Never Miss

• Chennai’s Happy hours!

Partying harder with your people is the absolute thing on your mind for this NEW YEAR. Well, New year is not the only excuse you can have, you have a handful of weekends to enjoy. Moving your body to the rocking music and sipping the sparkling drinks are enough to make your party harder. Dua Lipa’s “COME ON DANCE WITH ME…” from her “levitating” knocks your head literally when you are in such an electrifying ambience. Wondering where to go for perfect nightlife and partying? Pause scrolling because Chennai has got some amazing nightlife and clubbing experience to disclose. And we are here with the list of 5 unique clubs in Chennai you should never miss. Read on to add the following 5 unique clubs in Chennai you should never miss to your nightlife bucket list.


The most catchy yellow-black ambience captivates the people to party hard here. Watson’s been cooking up for a special night to welcome this New year on the night of December 31st. Serving the best cocktails and palatable dishes including Betel leaf-based Martini de Paan and Whisky based Southern Sour. When it comes to clubbing, the place offers a huge dance floor that brings in galvanizing music hits. You cannot help yourself from shaking your body over here.

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Sounds like the name gives the best energy, doesn’t it? Pasha is associated with The Park Hotel that has been vibrating for years now. The alcoholic bottles shelved gives the best exhibition of all time. The lights, glow and nights over here bestow the best party you expect for. Pasha’s dancefloor awaits your feet as the place have amusing night parties planned.


Like Pasha, 10 Downing Street has been welcoming people for parties for years. New Year cheers are satiating when you are at this aesthetic place. The dancefloor will be on fire once the hitlist is tuned on with legs moving. Are you ready for a classic toast at 10 Downing Street when the clock ticks 12?


Hit ‘Off The Road’ for this New Year eve! Why? Because they offer the best nightlife experience which you should never miss. The first floor introduces you to the groovy ambience with jazzy interiors. And if you looking for a partying hard night, then the second floor is for you as you will be introduced to the rousing music hits. So, it’s a perfect place to be for this New Year eve.


The quirky-named place has everything you ask for. The best fusion party experience satiates your expectation. If you are a party junkie, then the Cycle Gap is for you as they offer parties throughout the week. You do not have to think about weekends when they are partying hard all through the week. Raise your glass and shake your body over here amidst the colourful ambience!

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