6 Best Indoor Games to start playing now

Nowadays, everyone wants to know more about regular exercise. Few people are willing to open up and have a discussion about mental wellness, though. Spending time with loved ones and friends is among the best ways to maintain good mental health. If the worldwide COVID lockdown taught us anything, it’s this. However, simply hanging out with your closest friends can become boring. So we’ve created some fantastic indoor games for you to enjoy with your family and friends. You’ll enjoy staying at home with your family and save money by not going to those fancy restaurants for quality time!

Best indoor games to start playing with your friends and family:
The Post-It Notes Games

You can enjoy playing this game with your friends and extended family. You’ll need a pen and a load of sticky notes. Per each note, put the name of a well-known person or character. Then pass the notes around until everybody has one. Each individual should blindly attach their note to the top of the head or back. Get everyone to collide or sit in a circle and alternate taking turns to ask yes-or-no questions to determine who you are supposed to be. The question “Am I alive?” is a good place to start. Enjoy until everyone has identified them correctly, or give out rewards for doing so.

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I’m Hosting a Party Game

Play this mind game with your friends and family for a more cerebral activity. Assume you’re throwing a party and only those who deliver the appropriate contributions are invited. For the party, choose a secret rule. The rule is everyone has to bring an item that starts with the same letter as their name, but you may be more imaginative. Tell no one about your rule. You can either say “Yes, you’re invited” or “No, you can’t bring that” after each person has announced what they are bringing as you go around the room. Keep going until everyone has figured out the rule.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a game that you can play indoors with your friends and family. The thing is, it won’t be as simple as the previous two games. You’ll need good players who aren’t going to ruin the game. You can form teams, with each team consisting of two players. One player from each team should face off first, followed by the other. A winning team can be determined by how long they can go without missing the ball. If you’re playing with friends, you can even turn it into a drinking game. Drink whenever someone misses the ball. Drink whenever a member of your team scores. You can make any rules you want in this manner.


The very next indoor game should also intrigue people’s interest. Actually, only two people will be required to finish this. Chess is an engaging game that can last however long you want. But we should warn you that this one can get pretty competitive and intense. To finish it all the way, you and your opponent will need a lot of focus and time. Don’t try it if you’re not a good chess player. You’ll most likely be bored and annoyed. You can simply choose something fun and laid back instead.

Sticker Stalker

Find stickers that are appropriate for the occasion because this is a great game for a Halloween or Christmas party. Buy a package of stickers. Give each individual one sheet with five to ten stickers. You can easily include this game in your happy hour or community event. Because it works best at a gathering where everyone is interacting. Each participant must covertly place all of their stickers on other partygoers; the first one to do so wins. They must take a sticker if they are caught stickering someone. You can chuckle about how sly some people are when the evening is over. And start wondering how you managed to end up with stickers all across your back without even realising it.



You can make this time-tested party game as easy or difficult as you like. Split everybody into teams and have them all write down ideas for plays, characters from movies and TV, and other things. While their teammates make guesses, one person will perform an item chosen from the assortment. When the timer runs out, switch teams and start over. Add time restrictions, scoring criteria, silence guidelines, and more as needed. With terms they can understand, it can be a fantastic game for kids as well.

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