Advantages of Being Single


People who are married or in a relationship are often seen as more successful, more put together, and just overall happier. But that’s not always the case! In fact, there are some notable advantages to being single. Here are a few of the advantages of being single.

1. More me time

One of the best things about being single is that you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. You can stay out as late as you want, sleep in as late as you want, and eat whatever you want for dinner. You don’t have to compromise on your plans or your schedule, because you’re the only one you need to please! And that can be extremely liberating.

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2. You can save more money

Another advantage of being single is that you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on dates or gifts for a significant other. You can save that money for yourself—or spend it however you want! Whether you want to splurge on a nice piece of jewellery or take a trip around the world, being single means you can spend your money exactly how you want to.

3. Less Stress

Contrary to popular belief, being in a relationship doesn’t always equal constant happiness. In fact, relationships can be quite stressful at times! From fighting over small things to feeling like you’re not good enough, there are all sorts of ways relationships can cause stress. If you’re not in the mood for all that drama, then being single is definitely the way to go.

4. More Freedom

When you’re in a relationship, it’s natural to want to spend all your time with that person. But sometimes, that can start to feel suffocating—especially if your partner isn’t giving you the space you need. When you’re single, however, there’s no such thing as feeling trapped or stuck. You’re free to come and go as you please without having to check in with anyone first! And that sense of freedom is priceless.

5. No Heartbreak

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of being single is that you don’t have to worry about getting your heart broken. Breakups are never fun, no matter how amicable they may be. When you’re single, however, you don’t have to put yourself through that stress and pain—because there’s simply no one there to break up with you in the first place! That doesn’t mean that you should lock yourself up with no love, give yourself enough time to heal and don’t get into rebound relationships when you are just out of a relationship.

6. You learn more about yourself

One of the most significant relationships you will have is the relationship that you have with yourself. When you are single you will have the opportunity to learn more about yourself, and what you like and don’t like. You may have dreamt of doing an adventure hike or camping before but you couldn’t do it because your partner wouldn’t accompany you. Now you can go ahead and book yourself for that adventure camping. Now is the time to embrace your freedom and start doing the things that you have always wanted to do. Enrol yourself in various classes even if you don’t know anything about it. You may find your new favourite hobby and you will also get to meet new people and form new friendships.

Some additional advantages of being single are

1. More time for hobbies and interests.

2. More time for work and career development.

3. More freedom when it comes to socializing and meeting new people.

4. Less financial burden since you’re only responsible for your own expenses.

5. No need to compromise or consider someone else’s feelings when making plans.

6. More me-time to focus on self-improvement, relaxation, and reflection.

7. Opportunities to develop independence and confidence.

8. You can come and go as you please without having to coordinate with someone else’s schedule.

9. Ultimately, you’re in control of your own happiness since you’re not relying on another person to make you happy.

10. There’s less pressure to conform to traditional gender roles and expectations when you’re not in a relationship.

11. You don’t have to share the TV remote or worry about anyone getting upset if you want to watch “your show.”

12. You can essentially live however you want since you’re not answerable to anyone but yourself.

13. You don’t have any emotional baggage or drama from past relationships weighing you down.

14. You don’t have to deal with anyone snoring or taking up too much space in the bed.

15. You don’t have to worry about spending too much money on yourself without feeling guilty.

16. In some cases, being single can actually lead to a longer, healthier life since you’re not exposing yourself to additional stressors that come with being in a relationship.

17. Ultimately, you’re in control of your own happiness since you’re not relying on another person to make you happy.


Though there are many advantages that come with being in a relationship, there are also many benefits of flying solo. Next time you find yourself feeling down about being single, remember all of the advantages that come with living a single life! Trust us, there are plenty. So when someone tries to tell you that being in a relationship is better than flying solo, be sure to set them straight!

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