Boost Your Dating Game By Following These 5 Amazing Tips

You’re not alone if you’ve had no luck in the dating game. It takes confidence to meet someone for the first time, especially when you think they’re out of your league. Perhaps the frustrating part is seeing other less attractive people getting on dates after dates, and you’re thinking, “what does he or she have that I don’t?” It takes more than a well-chiselled jawline or a pretty face to get a shot at a second date.

If you’re still struggling on the dating scene, you’re probably doing some things wrong. Throw what you may have learned about dating in the trash because apparently, they haven’t worked out for you. This article will help you discover five excellent tips to step up your dating game. Let’s get to it!

Get Some Coaching

There’s no embarrassment in seeking help when you’re obviously drowning. Thanks to professional matchmaking agencies, anyone can raise their dating game. Before registering with a dating agency, ensure that they offer personal dating coaching as one of their services. Subscribe to Master Matchmakers’ personal dating coach service to get the support of some of the best relationship experts with an impressive record of helping people become better at dating and finding a genuine connection. These professional matchmakers also strategically filter dating profiles to provide options that match your preferences to explore the possibility of a relationship.

Smell Nice

Looks matter! Proper grooming and hygiene give you the confidence boost to walk up to and start a conversation with almost anyone. The central ingredient to up your dating game is confidence. How you look goes a long way in boosting your confidence. Pick an outfit that you’re comfortable in and what’s ideal for the occasion. Although dressing sharply is vital to making a good impression on your date, the smell is everything. According to cosmopolitan, your date takes note of your smell, among other details, when meeting for the first time. If you don’t get another hug at the end of the date or your date keeps backing away from you, maybe check yourself. Dental hygiene is also vital. When you give fresh breath each time you open your pearly whites, who wouldn’t enjoy talking to you?

2. Get Better at Listening

Being great at dating is a combination of knowing when to say it and when to say nothing at all. Communication is vital in dating. You can have a meaningful conversation without being misunderstood, learn more about your date, and make a good lasting impression with good communication skills. A vital part of being great at communicating is being a good listener. Speak when you should, and allow the other party to have their turn.
Ensure to avoid talking too much about yourself or interrupting your date when they speak. By listening, you score many dating points. Furthermore, you are more likely to remember the date’s name, you get them to open up more to you, and you remember little details you can take into your next date.

Be Genuine

If you can’t be yourself, the least you can be is honest. Being funny might score points with your date; who doesn’t love a good joke? Yet, dry jokes can make you look desperate or creepy. If humour isn’t your strong suit, don’t try too hard. If you’ve mastered the art of sarcasm, fire away, albeit with caution to avoid being misunderstood. Also, everyone appreciates a compliment if it’s sincere but don’t overdo it. Only give a compliment if you genuinely mean it. When complimenting someone, be specific.

Professional matchmakers would let you know that clichés like “you’re pretty” are grossly overused, shallow, and boring. Instead, comment on how nicely done her hair is, the smell of her fragrance, how the colours of her outfit match her skin tone, and her unique fashion sense. People appreciate that more as it takes someone who pays attention to notice those features. If you’ve memorized catchphrases, erase them from your memory, live in the present, and be sincere.

4. Have Zero Expectations

The fear of rejection can keep you from being brave, killing your dating game. Virtually everyone has been rejected at least once by a love interest regardless of their looks, influence, or financial status. Therefore, don’t think of rejection as a failure as it’s part of the process. Start a conversation with someone you like as if you were talking to a friend and be content with having a meaningful conversation.

Having zero expectations keeps you from pressuring yourself. Be the best version of yourself without being too nice, cocky, or desperate to impress, and conclude the conversation by letting the person know you’d like to see them again. If things don’t go according to plan, move on. After all, there are over 7.7 billion people globally; the odds are in your favour on your quest to find.


The dating scene can be demanding if you have no game. To take your dating game to the next level, you need to work on your appearance communication skills and have zero expectations. If you’re still struggling, work with a dating specialist to help you become great at dating.

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