Dorm Room Essentials You Should Know

With offline classes resuming all over the world after a slow and steady recovery post-pandemic, college students are finally starting to pack for the experience of a lifetime. Students are leaving home and reaching a completely new place that they need to try and transform into their current home with wonderful people and things. This article is for whoever’s confused about what to take with them for college to have the most efficient and easy trip to campus. So, let’s check out the dorm room you should know.


Clothes are the most obvious item that people check off their lists first, but some might be confused with what kind of clothes they need to pack. Always research the weather conditions of where your campus is situated. Packing warm clothes or summer clothes all depends on this so pack wisely and don’t forget to carry an umbrella or rain jacket for emergency reasons.

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With smartphones being our third hand, one might wonder that bringing along just that is enough for college, but taking your laptop with you will turn out to be a lifesaver. Apart from this, get an internet dongle because one can’t trust campus Wi-Fi at all times. Getting an electric kettle for your room will help you battle your midnight cravings and hunger pangs with a quick Maggi fix, so bring that too.


Staying alone means doing all your work too, and this would be new to many, meaning suddenly having to do laundry. Buy your favourite liquid soap, fabric conditioner, a bucket, and a brush to be equipped to wear all your clothes because likes smelly clothes. If you think washing is a huge task, there are buckets with spinning paddles in them that works like a manual washing machine. Please keep them in your bathroom for effortless washing of apparel.


Get an extra cushion, a quilt, and a standard blanket, along with some bedsheets and pillow covers. Staying cosy in your room should be the priority because quality sleep is what will keep you going for long college hours. In case you’re living someplace that is not so cold, get a cute little table fan for that extra wind in your room while you sleep or to simply keep you cold while you study and you don’t want to bother your roommate.


This one might not seem essential, but trust me, it is because this will make your room feel like its home and not just a dorm since you’ll be living there for three years at least. The magic essential is nothing but posters and pictures! Get your favourite celebrities’ posters or band posters, or even quotes you like along with pictures of your loved ones to fit the aesthetic of your room while keeping it all emotionally rooted to yourself.

College life on campus might seem daunting considering socializing after a year of online classes but don’t worry and have fun. Remember to keep your dorm tidy at all times to make it your very own safe space.

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