How to Create an Innovative Bathroom With Tubs

An easy and foolproof way to elevate a bathroom is to install a new bathtub. Some purposefully renovate their bathrooms just to accommodate bathtubs as they acknowledge the comfort it provides.

If you’re looking into creating an innovative bathroom with tubs, you need to consider a handful of factors. It’s crucial to know your options and weight which is essential to you when choosing a tub.

We’ll guide you on how you can elevate your current bathroom with your ideal tub.

How to Choose a Tub

Did you know that installing a high-quality tub can increase the property value of your home? The National Association of the Remodeling Industry claims that if a bathroom makeover is done well, homeowners will return 50% of their investment.

Let’s take a look at a few key considerations you’ll need to make as you sift through the many options. We’ll also go over some recommendations and essential factors to keep in mind before deciding on the ideal tub for you.

There are four crucial judgments to make as you begin to consider all of the tub options available on the market today:

How to Create an Innovative Bathroom With TubsTub Type

There are different types of tubs in the market today. Here are some of the most preferred types by consumers.

Freestanding Tub: As the name suggests, this type of tub stands on its own. The tub becomes more of a focal point in this setting. You can choose from different types and shapes of base it sits on, including the vintage clawfoot bathtubs. Although freestanding tubs are more expensive, they do not require a pedestal for installation or use.

As most freestanding tubs do not qualify for a faucet to be mounted directly on them, you will either have to have the tub faucet installed immediately out of the floor or on a back wall.

 Alcove Tub:

The alcove or three-wall alcove is the most common type of design used today. It is ideal for smaller spaces because it doesn’t require more space. On the contrary, it requires a free space where it can fit snugly.

It is also lauded for its practical design as shower heads are situated at the top so the user can take a shower on the tub. In essence, a separate shower space is no longer necessary.


There are a variety of materials available for your bathtub on the market nowadays. The majority of tubs today are composed of acrylic. This material is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

It can also be easily moulded, allowing producers to create unique and comfortable designs and a wide range of colours, especially noticeable in freestanding tubs. Natural stones or metal are less frequent but exquisite choices for standalone tubs.

Some clawfoot tubs are made of volcanic material for their heat retention value. These types are exotic and pricey variants of tubs carved from an entire piece of limestone or marble. Other variations include metals, such as copper and nickel.

Consider the weight when you consider your material options. While most acrylic clawfoot tubs are very light, stone tubs may be pretty hefty, even before adding the weight of 40-60 gallons of water.

Make sure your flooring can support the weight of the tub as well as the water. This is especially critical if the tub will be built on the home’s second level.


Size is another crucial consideration when choosing a tub for a new house or a bath makeover. If it’s too little, you’ll feel cramped; if it’s too big, the water’s warmth will rapidly cool you down.

It’s critical to have the correct bathtub size. The space is one of the essential factors that elevate the comfort provided by tubs. It should be a good fit for you, with enough room to stretch out but not too much.

It’s also best to consider if you are going to bathe alone or with someone else. There are several two-person tubs on the market, so make sure you and your partner are in agreement with your preference

Soaking or Therapeutic

When choosing the perfect tub for your new bathroom design, the final important decision is whether you want a soaking or therapeutic tub.

How to Create an Innovative Bathroom With TubsSoaking Tubs

Soaking tubs are all about the tranquillity and relaxation that comes with soaking in a warm bath. As stated, you want to make sure that you obtain a tub that fits you well and that you enjoy using.

These tubs emphasize ideal dimensions. Choosing an intense tub will ensure that you are submerged to the extent that you are comfortable. Because they have no other functions, soaking tubs are usually the cheapest alternative. Soaking freestanding tubs come in a range of shapes and styles.

Therapeutic Tubs

A therapeutic tub is like having a massage in the privacy of your bathroom. Jets are strategically placed in the tub during whirlpool therapy, and water is swirled and forced through pipes. Hot air is forced through the tub’s water in an air tub.

A whirlpool has fewer but larger jets that are individually controllable, similar to a showerhead. Many air jets (up to 60-70) have fixed positions in an air bath system, and they line the tub edges and often the bottom.

Because the water in an air tub never leaves the tub, you can use various bath salts and oils generally prohibited in a whirlpool jet system.

If you’re using a standalone tub, you might want to consider placing your phone, candles, or music on a small table or chest nearby. You can even have a floating or built-in shelf on the adjacent wall.

Wrapping Up

Following these tips, you should be able to find the perfect tub for your new bathroom that meets your demands, style, body, and budget.

Clawfoot tubs are fantastic while creating an innovative bathroom! They’ve been there for almost a century and have proven to be the king of the bathroom.

If you’re still looking for a new tub, consider the various styles of bathtubs available in the market to see which one will work best in your bathroom and meet your demands. Consider which material is best for your tub and whether you can always select for higher-quality options, as “the bitterness of bad quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price has faded.”

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