4 Quick Exercises to Include in Your Pre-bed Routine

Lying comfy on your bed during the calm and cold nights with drowsy eyes is something you would be craving for the entire day. Before jumping onto the bed, you would be doing your bedtime routine, aren’t you? Well, it is good to inhabit a certain pre-bed routine as it is healthy for your body both externally and internally. Perhaps, the pre-bed routine has a beauty routine. Similarly, we are here with 4 quick exercises to include in your pre-bed routine. All these pre-bed exercises would work on your body to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Continue reading to know about the 4 quick exercises to include in your pre-bed routine.


Apparently, the health benefits of cobra pose are numerous. The pose promotes quality sleep when practised regularly before bedtime. All you have to do is to lie on your stomach on the floor and keep your palms right next to your chest. Now, as you lift your head and chest, you should inhale the air thereby holding your breath for 30 seconds. Then, return to the initial position while exhaling the air. Do it three times before your bedtime to induce better sleep. This is possible due to the breathing process involved while performing this pose.

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Child pose is effective for your hips, thighs and ankles as it releases the stress and fatigue accumulated in them. It eases the front body muscles thereby known to be the relaxing yoga pose. Being kid-friendly, the breathing process while performing the stretch is all worth it for a pre-bed routine. All you need to do is to start from the knees and hands. Ensure to keep your toes touching and sit on your heels and bring your torso forward to cover your thighs. Slowly, you now have to touch the ground with your forehead. You should have to ensure to extend your arms and palms as much as you could. Now, slowly breathe in this position while relaxing your upper and lower back for a minute at least.


All you have to do is to grab a towel for a night of better sleep. Sit on your heels with bent knees and hold the ends of the towel with your hands. Now, start rotating your hands from the front of your body to the back of your body. This would work on your shoulder muscles and release the tension accumulated in them. This could be one of the effective pre-bed routines which induce quality snooze and relaxation. Try to do it three sets of 8 counts.


Like towel rotation, Wall angels have the same initial pose. Sit on your heels but by placing your back against the wall. Make sure your hands, shoulders, neck and back are placed against the wall. Now, bring your hands above the heads as much you could while pressing your back against the wall. Then, slowly lower your hands down and do the same for about 10 reps. Practising this posture before bed would provide better posture and neck health.

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