How to set up a badminton court in your backyard?

Like croquet, badminton courts do not involve substantial expense in comparison to many other game courts. Once set up, they can also be taken down with relative ease. Badminton is a racquet game that can be played in singles or pairs. Follow the steps below to set up your backyard badminton court.

Badminton Court Dimensions

Your badminton court should be 44 feet by 20 feet. The net should traverse the centre of the court and stand five feet tall in the centre. You should opt for 30 feet of vertical clearance and remove any tree branches that could impede your gameplay.

What You’ll Need for Your Badminton Court
  • Lawnmower (keep the court neat and trim to enhance gameplay)
  • Hand mallet or hammer for pounding stakes into the earth
  • 100-foot measuring tape so you can measure your court with accuracy
  • Spray paint or chalk (to mark out the court)
  • Stakes
  • Badminton net, badminton set (including racquets and birdies
Set up your badminton court
To set up your court, you should perform the following steps:

Choose a flat area of your yard that will accommodate the dimensions of your court.

Measure the court area using your tape measure. Place a stake in each corner by using your hammer to pound it into the ground. You can use chalk or spray paint to draw the lines of your court. Use a taut string to measure the court dimensions before spraying or chalking your lines.

If there are obstructions in your court area, remove them. Large tree roots can be a tripping hazard. Once you remove them, be sure to refill any dips with earth and tamp them down flat. Then, mow the grass so that it’s no more than about 2 inches in height.

Next, lay out your centerline and install your badminton net. You can secure it with additional string or cable and stakes. Finally, add all of your boundary lines using your spray paint or chalk. Again, to achieve straight lines, be sure to measure first and use your string as a marker. The short service line should be 6 and 6 inches from your net on either side of it. The long service line should be 19 feet and 6 inches from the net.

If your family and friends are really into the game, it’s a good idea to invest in a professional-grade net; it will stand up better to heavy play. There are also various birdy styles and grades. Less expensive badminton sets such as those available at toy stores are less likely to hold up as well as more durably designed sets.

You can use this guide to create a worthy backyard that’s bound to add sportive fun to your home. The larger your backyard, the easier it will be to install additional features to accompany these courts, such as an area for spectators. For more elaborate courts, such as the tennis court, you may want to consult with a contractor (or several) to hire someone for the installation or the excavation. Once your court is installed, you can start planning your backyard fun.

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