Play Satta Matka Online

If you have ever lived in or visited India, there is a good chance you know what Satta Matka is. Satta Matka has been a favourite lottery game of the Indian people since its beginning around 1950. Today, people play Satta Matka legally online. This is far different from its history.

In its conception, Satta Matka was based on the opening and closing numbers of the New York Cotton Exchange. There was the transportation of cotton between Bombay and New York. But, the rate (price) of cotton changed often and substantially. Even experienced people in the industry could not predict how much the rate would fluctuate, even from the morning numbers to the evening numbers. It became a popular guessing game that everyone in the industry would participate in. Soon, people began placing wagers on their guesses. The New York Cotton Exchange and the Bombay Cotton Exchange communicated via teleprinters. The process was changed around 1961, and it seemed that the popular game would be no more.

Ratan Khatri saw the effect this change was having and came up with a variation of the game for the fans. The game was generally played the same, except for fictitious products’ opening and closing rates. It was a simple and fun twist that allowed the people to continue to wager as they had been doing on the cotton exchange rates. Numbers were written on slips of paper and put into a Matka (a clay picture). Then a specific person, chosen ahead of time, would pull a chit and announce the winning numbers.

The game remained popular everywhere, but especially around mill towns. Soon, Bookies set up shop around the area. The new Satta Matka was just as popular from one generation to another.

The Indian government tried to outlaw the popular game for a time, but Indian people loved it so much; that they continued to play even if no money was wagered.

Online Gaming via Computer or App

Most players of Satta Matka today access the game online. You must select a secure site. Here are some things to look for:

The URL bar at the top of your computer screen should have a picture of a dark-coloured lock on the left side. The lock symbolizes that the site you are on is encrypted for security. The company should be licensed, and that information should be printed on its site. The vendor should be approved by the UK Gambling Commission and Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA). They may hold further licenses, but they must hold these, as they are the most recognized and patrolled in the world. The vendor should be transparent with this information as it protects them and you. Anything less would mean you are dealing with a questionable company.


This information ties in with the licensing information above. If a company does not have the means and the ability to prove those means to pay their customers when they win their jackpots, they will lose their license. All legal, fixed-odds lottery companies must have underwriters and sufficient coverage. In most cases, the insurance company pays the money for large payouts. Smaller wins may be paid from available house proceeds that do not require large volume handling. It should be easy to verify that your bets are insured and that the finances are readily available. Leaders of the industry take no issue with this. The corporate design puts the money at its disposal immediately.

A simple search from their corporate websites should put your mind at ease. If you cannot get the information you seek, you may want to ask yourself why they are not open about how they protect their customers and their money.

How do you play?

“Jhatka Matka” by Lottoland is much like the original, but this is played online. Your bet ranges from Rs. 200 to Rs. 10,000. The choice is always yours. In the online game, the computer dictates the pull.

There are several alternatives to the game. They are:

● Ank – the last digit matches (either) the opening or closing numbers
● Half Sangam – Equals the opening Ank and the closing (or opening) three numbers
● Full Sangam – Equals opening three numbers and the closing three numbers
● Single Patti – All the numbers are unique/different for opening or closing
● Double Patti – At least 2 digits are the same
● Triple Patti – At least 3 digits are the same
● Jodi – The additional 2-digit number came from the opening and closing results

Matka King!

To be labelled the Matka King, you simply win a lot of money playing the game! No other qualifications are required for anyone to be a Matka king. Grab your smartphone and log in to the app or use your computer to play. The game is easy and fun and who knows? You could be the next Matka King.

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