Reasons Why Ilaiyaraaja, the Maestro and Rains is an Incomparable Blend


As Dua Lipa sings in her latest hit, “LEVITATING” – “Music don’t stop for life”, the tunes and rhythms make life beautiful. When it comes to Kollywood, we have our Music wizard, Ilaiyaraaja. The legend has tremendous music life with infinite melodious tunes. He is still holding and ruling the Kollywood cinema as his songs have been remixed. With the remix tunes, the songs still top the playlist in this 21st century. Not to mention, the young adults are into his music, regardless of other modern music composers are being emerged. When it comes to rain, it perfectly blends with the masterpiece tunes of Ilaiyaraaja. So, wondering what makes people caption their rainy captures and videos as “Ilaiyaraaja + Rains”? Well, there are several reasons for this incomparable blend. So, let’s check out the reasons why Ilaiyaraaja, the Maestro and Rains is an incomparable blend.


The soulful connection starts especially from the puny tea shop. The raindrops hit the ground, the steaming tea glass in the tea shop, the humming to tea Kadai’s mini-television or radio’s playing Ilaiyaraaja’s “En iniya pon nilavae” is a blissful blend of nature. The connection is surreal which only can be experienced than explained. Each one of us, of course, runs to that one tiny tea shop at the corner of the bustling road when the rain hits the ground. We cannot ask for more.

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Nothing can connect us more to the rain than the hot cup of tea and radio tuning the music wizard’s aesthetic songs. It can even connect people without words. For instance, the South Indian tea kadais (shops) incorporate the classical radios where it makes people hum while sipping teas. The natural coincidence is when you hum with the tea master while preparing a cup of tea.


Working all day can drain our creativity. People need innovative thinking when it comes to problem-solving situations. Most people like to hear music while working or listening to the music proffers a refreshing mind. Similarly, the raindrops bring enough excitement when you are working from home or at the office. Playing on the tunes of musical genius can make you hum along with it thereby making you work joyfully.


Sometimes, we may lay down on our favourite couch and think nothing but humming to our most favourite song. Watching the raindrops fall and listening to legendary music can do wonders to our minds and body. How about this “Alexa! Play ‘thendral vanthu theendum pothu enna vannamo'”? Well, the downpour’s quintessential music eases the mind. When the mind is doing chill, our entire system functions happily. Yes, Music is for sure a medicine that makes us feel like a feather in the chill breeze.

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