Travel Hacks for this Rainy Season!

If you are a true travel junkie who loves to visit different places no matter what obstacles you face, then the hacks we have will definitely help you travel safely and efficiently this rainy season. Rain can seem annoying for travellers with all the inconvenience it causes us, but that same rain can also give you a beautiful perspective of the places you plan to visit. Travel hacks will be the icing on the cake for you with all your rain travel since it is bound to make your commute significantly better.

1. The golden rule of travelling when it rains is always to carry an umbrella or raincoat; having these two ensures a dry and safe journey that protects you and your belongings and luggage. Getting wet is not only messy and icky but can also get you sick so enjoy the rain as responsibly as possible in order to have a healthy trip without colds and fevers.

2. In case you are considering a trip to a brand new destination that you haven’t visited before, then start researching! Find out all the safe routes for a rainy journey and get to know the weather conditions beforehand so that you can pack clothes and essentials accordingly. Research travel facilities like cars or bikes, so you have something ready to use when you arrive at your destination. Remember that an ounce of precaution is better than a pound of cure, so it is better to stay prepared.

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3. Keep with you some electronic essentials like flashlights, lighters and power banks. Carrying a flashlight will help you move around with ease since it gets dark sooner during the rainy season. Avoid using your mobile phones for this and instead conserve your phone battery for other purposes like clicking the best pictures and finding map routes or calling.

4. Carry some extra bags and covers with you to pack wet clothes and footwear post your trip, as this will help keep your other belongings as dry as possible in the same bag. You can also use these covers to keep your electronics dry and ready to use since your phones are multifunctional and serve as a map, light and more.

5. Your final hack is to let loose and have fun in the rain while exploring new places in every nook and corner. Rain is not so scary with the proper planning and packing, so enjoy this season and take a break at your favourite destination.

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