Stepping into a New Relationship? – Do’s and Don’ts

Are you entering into the new Paradise of Relationship? Well! The paradise looks too beautiful when you enter into it but it does have so many obstacles on its way. Likewise, getting into a new relationship is completely not as easy as you think as there are so many things involved in sustaining a relationship once it starts. Perhaps, sacrifice, commitment, and compromises are the major doors of Paradise of Relationship. When any of these pillars fall, there comes the gap which cannot be amended later either. Above all, Trust is the most important thing you should have on your partner and is the key to the Paradise of Relationship. So, here are some essential things to remember while entering into the Paradise of Relationship.


And this is the common mistake most of the couples would do by taking things as fast as they could which is not good for the road of a healthy relationship. Both of you should talk about things as clear as possible and especially, talking about taking things slower. You should get to know about the importance of communication in a relationship that is highly essential in watering a healthy growing relationship. Do not urge things to go fast, just get together and take things slower.

Communication is the key

No matter how many things you have done to hold on your partner in the relationship, most of the relationship fails just because of lack of communication. So, Communication is the most effective way to build up a strong and healthy relationship where the new couples make it a kind of habit to open up to each other and express what they feel exactly.


Just because you have found someone whom you might call as a partner, it does not mean that you need to forget your friends. Find time to enhance your friendship as well and balance both your friendship and relationship. Just introduce your partner to your friends and have a great time chatting and outing together as a gang. Your friends might also have played a great role in your fairy tale love story, so treasure them as much as you can.


When it comes to impressing your new partner, just do not go as far as boasting about your own personality, interests, hobbies or anything else. Whatever, you will soon get tiresome and bored. Instead of talking about yourself, just try to talk about his personality. Just take an interest in his work, hobbies, family, and past and when he does talking about something, just pay attention to him and be an active listener. Guys will love to be complemented yet they do not tell you. Did you know that compliments will raise your self-esteem and dignity? Yes! Often some kind of words about his achievements, goals and personal qualities matter.


When the relationship starts, you must make sure that you are not really fake. Most of the people when they get into a new relationship will pretend to be fake by what they really are not. Just remember this and do not be fake in the relationship because it will not let your relationship to survive.


All you need to remember is that never in a million times, try to compare your current boyfriend or girlfriend with your previous ones if you had earlier. However, you should never ever talk about previous relationships with your guy or girl. This will easily pave the path for him to be suspicious and jealous about all your male friends or female friends and it will for sure leads to breakdown. In the same way, you should never ask him about his girlfriends and it is not really healthy to know about the person’s past to get to know him better. You could witness as much as you can while you are dating him and so you don’t really want to know about the past.

Also, try new things with your partner and avoid being possessive and learn from each fight you come across in your relationship. Do remember the important things to follow in your new relationship which can help you to grow up your healthy relationship.

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