Deliciously Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Missing those delish bites of chocolate truffle or chocolate fudge lick from your hand? Well, you do not have to lay back at home and crave for something yum-yum sweet. You could prepare deliciously healthy chocolate peanut butter fudge instead. Bet you, you would not have come across such a toothsome and healthy chocolate version of the snack. The combination of truffle and fudge texture would give you the reason to get lost in the melting chocolate world. You could even serve it as a post-meal dessert session which you could enjoy with your family and friends. As it is categorized as a low sugar recipe, this chocolate delight could be served to anyone. This is an easy-peasy recipe that you could prepare at your home with three simple ingredients. And yeah, it is the fusion of all three simple ingredients that would give you deliciously healthy chocolate peanut butter fudge.


The ingredients you need include natural peanut butter, dark chocolate chips (low in sugar and dairy-free), and chopped roasted peanuts. You could also have other options like nut butter and nuts in case you do not do well with peanuts.


Firstly, you have to melt down the required amount of dark chocolate chips with the help of a microwave or heat in the pan in a simmer. Now, replace the melted dark chocolate chips in the bowl and add peanut butter to it, and then mix it well. When you are done with mixing it up, then add it to the loaf pan which is ready with parchment paper or baking paper. As of now, pour the mixture into it and spread it evenly. Last but not least, sprinkle some flavoursome and chopped roasted peanuts over it and refrigerate it for about 30 to 6o minutes. When you get the firm texture, you could cut and serve in small pieces to get lost in the chocolate world.

So, try this easy-peasy chocolate delight recipe at home as none would say no to it. You already know the advantage of eating it as it is low in sugar and completely healthy to consume. The three healthy ingredients help you curb the holiday craving thereby satiating you.


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