The Most Beautiful Wedding Destinations in India

More people are choosing destination weddings for their love of travel and adventure, the ease of planning, and the uniqueness of the experience. Ultimately, the destination and the amount of preparation made for the trip determines the success of a destination wedding. To help make your wedding an unforgettable fairytale, we take you through some considerations to make and recommend the most beautiful places to have a destination wedding in India if you’ve decided to hold your wedding there.

Pack your necessities

The wedding is not hosted close to home, so you need your necessities when travelling. Carrying your cosmetics with you is cheaper than buying them at the destination. Aside from that, don’t forget necessities such as medications and tech essentials. Remember to pack your tech for your destination. Making a checklist could help make it easier to pack. You could also start by asking yourself, will you need a travel adapter for your charger?


A destination wedding provides more freedom when it comes to budgeting. Base your budget on whether you want to spend less or get more for your money—especially considering foreign exchange rates. Choose your destination, hotel, accommodation, and guest list based on your budget.


The best time to visit India is not necessarily the best time to get married in India. Avoid peak tourist season since it affects your wedding destination. Otherwise, you’ll have to book your accommodation early if you intend to visit during peak tourist season. The weather is also a significant consideration, and you ought to plan around that. Aside from that, consider the duration of your wedding. It shouldn’t be too fast that you don’t even get time to enjoy the location or too long that the trip drives up the budget.


Convenience is one of the best benefits of destination weddings. For instance, when choosing your hotel, you should look at more than just its size. Does it provide wedding venues, and how good are they? If they aren’t in the same place, what’s the driving distance between your wedding location and your accommodation? How easy is it for guests to locate the venue? Paying attention to such details will guarantee the convenience and success of the entire event.

Best wedding destinations in India

There is a wealth of locations to choose from in Udaipur, including momentous palaces and splendid lakes. If you want a fairytale theme for your wedding, then Udaipur is your best bet. Plan your wedding between September to February. The post-wedding activities are yet another benefit of choosing Udaipur as your wedding location.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If your idea of a beautiful wedding involves golden sandy beaches, sea breeze, and beautiful clear skies, then the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are your destination. If the budget allows, you can even book the entire resort for your wedding. The best time to visit the islands for your wedding is between September to May.


Want a regal wedding theme? Then you should head to Jaipur. Jaipur offers a wealth of palaces, forts, and mansions to use as wedding locations that will make you feel like a royal at your wedding. February to March is the best time to get married in Jaipur.


For a very picturesque and memorable wedding, you should head to Goa. Goa offers a little bit of everything, including sandy beaches, historical buildings, verdant gardens, and lush forests. The best part is that you can visit Goa at any time of the year.

Your wedding plans, including the choice of location, the necessities you bring along, and your budget, should be based on convenience. A destination wedding should excel in the value of comfort it offers as opposed to other weddings.

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