Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds You Should Know

Dogs have always been the number one and special best friend for most humans. From the way they are always loyal to the way they are always ready to play with us, Dogs are one of the most desirable pet animals in the world. There are a lot of dog breeds out there in India but there are some specific Indian dog breeds that are more popular than people think. As people have always been going crazy about the cute foreign dog breeds, let’s take a moment to not forget about the amazing Indian dog breeds.

We are going to discuss the top 10 amazing and popular Indian dog breeds you should check out if you are looking to adopt a companion soon.

Top 10 Indian dog breeds you should know about:

Chippiparai or otherwise called Sippiparai is one of the most popular Indian dog breeds you can find in the southern part of India. This Indian dog breed was bred and maintained by the royal families of Chipiparai, hence the name. This specific dog breed is now often used to guard the house but a lot of people do prefer to just have it as their pet friend instead.

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Gaddi Kutta

Gaddi Kutta is more than popular in certain states of India like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. This is one of the most popular Indian dog breeds because it is both adorable and has more skills than most dog breeds. This dog breed originally comes from the western Himalayan region of India and that is why you can typically see it in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand more than any other state.

Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz resembles foreign dog breeds such as Pomeranian and German Spitz. This Indian dog breed is popular for its expressive face and adorable eyes. One can easily train one of these specific Indian dog breeds and keep it as their pet. They are small dogs with lots of fur and colourful eyes.


Kanni is one of the well-known Indian dog breeds you will find in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu. This dog breed can be kept as a pet because they are pretty friendly and loyal to the one who is raising them. But they can also hunt for themselves.


Bakharwal is one of those Indian dog breeds that are on the verge of extinction nowadays. This Indian dog breed is an ancient one used to protect their villages so they will be a perfect guardian dog.


Kombai is another south Indian dog breed that probably most people prefer to have as their pet. They are typically brown but it is said that as the dog gets older, the colour can change. This Indian dog breed is a loyal, loving, and fierce companion to have in your house.

Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta is the kind of dog breed that you should have to hunt because they are pretty intimidating. Nowadays this Indian dog breed is more popular in Punjab than in any other state. But they are said to have originated from Trichy and Thanjavur of Tamil Nadu.

Gull Terrier

Gull Terrier is used to keep an eye on the door of the house. This dog breed can be loyal to the families raising them but they are not fond of strangers entering their house. One can use them to keep the house protected but they are typically not considered a pet dog breed.


Pandikona is also the type of Indian dog breed that is typically used for guarding and hunting work. They are relatively popular in Andhra Pradesh but you can also find them in any part of India. They are pretty fast and deadly when it comes to doing their job which is defending their home.

Vikhan Sheepdog

Vikhan Sheepdog is one of the most popular Indian dog breeds because of its intelligence. The dog breed can look friendly but they are aggressive to people they have not been introduced to. So it is pretty important to make sure they are trained to behave before keeping them in front of the house.

And with that, we conclude this post. What are some of your favourite Indian dog breeds? Let us know all about it below!

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