5 Cheapest Summer Vacation Ideas You Probably Don’t Know


Though we are now in the rainy season, we still could get some ideas for the cheapest summer vacation. When it comes to spring break, you would be pre-planned. If you are wondering what spring break means, it is nothing but vacation time with your friends and family, usually, it falls between Mid-March and Mid-April. The pandemic situation is back here and you are already saying hello to your holidays. If you have kids, then you would obviously think about what to do with the holidays and how to make them funny and interesting for your kids. It does not mean to travel time just because you got holidays but there is this other side of merriments and joys which you are not aware of. Well, here are some interesting and funny ideas to spend your spring break with your loved ones. Continue to read!

Plan for a Beach Day:

If you are wondering where to go by sitting at your home all day, then you are actually forgetting about the bluish buddy who is available for you anytime. Yeah, It’s the beach waves and the sand day. So, why not wake up early and call your buddy or take your kids to the beach to watch the mesmerizing sunrise? Well, this could be amazing if you are staying near the beach or even walking along the lake.

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Go for a Hiking Trip:

Of course, your friends would love to do this with you. Open google, search for trekking trails near you, pack your bags and just bring out the hike junkie in you. And those with kids could also find it a perfect idea as there are small trekking trips which would be safe and amazing to take your kids.

Have a crazy Photoshoot:

Photoshoot? You do not need any professional photographers to click your crazy pictures every time. But you have your best friend and even your cousins to click the best pictures. So, when you have nothing to do, you could find a spot and take cool pictures of each other. And why not a family picture? Now, you have memories to add and it reminds you how crazy you are!

Sudden Lunch Dates:

Why don’t you have dates with your buddies? Yes, this is one of the coolest ideas you could ever have. Go to the food court of the mall or tiny restaurants that you have not really tried yet. Just have a chit-chat time with your friends as you might not have met each other for a while and eat your favourite food items and take pictures to seize the moment. Experience this funny and crazy side of life with your best ones as it would relieve you from other stressful thoughts. You could also do the same with your family and relatives as you might not have met for a longer period.

Get ready for a Sleepover:

Sometimes staying at your home all day would drain you out entirely no matter how much you love to be in your room. Here is where your brain switches on the room of the bulb, wait, got an idea? Yes, it sleepover! Plan for a sleepover at your best friend’s home or your favourite cousin’s home and get ready to have fun throughout the night. You just got a whole night to chit-chat with your friend about your life and have some wide laughs.

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