Types of Hugs and Its Benefits

We do know a hug is the cutest form of expressing love and affection towards the person. At times, a hug can unveil the heap of unexpressed love and affection you kept clandestine before. That’s how it works when words fail to describe it! At times, people complicate hugs in a different way or a notorious thing in India earlier, though it is changing now. Still there exists a notorious view of hugs in some parts of India. Well, hugs are not only meant for your lovable partner and children but they can also be for friends, family and even with colleagues. A single hug from our loved one can shower as much sanguine energy from nowhere. Yet there are different meanings for different types of hugs in the world. It expresses to you what they really wanted to say. Here are the types of hugs and what they really wanted to express to you.


A lovable partner’s hug is a close full-body embracement along with eye contact which shines with love. Here, eye contact is the most indispensable part of the sparkling intimate hug. It is more than just a physical touch and this type of hug exposes that there is something extraordinary going on between you and the person. If you do feel the same as the person felt, you can just hug them back to express the lovable fire.

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If you come across a guy who gives you this type of intimate hug, he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. If he does not have expressed it before and you are feeling the same for him, then he is the one for you. He is happy to spend time with you and just grabs his hand and spends the rest of your life if you feel cloud nine. It further indicates the sensual tension between you both as well.


These are the type of hugs that are unexpected and when it happens, you will cherish them forever. This is how your partner lovably attacks you and where you will never attack them back. This is not only for your partners but also for your friends and family members and it also comes under an intimate kind of hug which surprise you with ease feel and caressing too.


This type of hug is given to colleagues and even to friends too. It involves the sideways with a single arm and only the upper body comes in contact but not the lower body. But if you get this from your partner, it means there will be some uneasiness though. It just meant the friendly way which neighbours, friends, or even your loved ones.


Here is where the woman takes the initiation and wraps herself within her man’s arms. She ultimately makes the blood rush within her man’s body. This literally exposes that the woman is all damn crazy about the guy. If this kind of hug is present between the couples, then their love grows passionately. And it gonna be the life-cherishing moment, your partner responds to your hug in the same way.

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