5 Grooving Songs of ARR and Drums Mani Combo

Composer, singer and all-around musical talent A.R.Rahman is known for his unique music. His musical scores are so popular among all generations. Also, once you’ve heard his compositions, it’s hard to forget about them. This is not just because of the composer and the singers, but also the work of percussionists. One such notable percussionist in A.R.R’s band is ‘Drums Sivamani’. Sivamani and Rahman have a special bond lasting for years. He played for A.R. Rahman’s some of the most popular scores ‘Mustafa Mustafa,’ ‘Humma Humma’, and ‘Nadaan Parinde’ (Rockstar). Sivamani has been a part of almost all A.R.R’s music albums. Here let’s look at 5 grooving songs from this combo.

Jai Ho

Jai Ho

‘Jai Ho’ song was the talk of the town when it got released in a Hollywood movie. YouTube was flooded with ‘Jai Ho’ dancing routines, song covers, and remixes. It is a known fact that A.R.R won Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire and ‘Jai Ho’ is the best track in that movie. Also, percussionist Drums Sivamani has been a notable part of his Oscars journey. Sivamani also played the song in numerous stage shows and music tours. This catchy and powerful song is a noteworthy mention of their work.

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Jiya Se Jiya

A. R. Rahman is the producer of ‘Connections’, a studio album, and song compilation. This album’s Nokia edition was released in 2008 and the retail edition got released in 2009. The album featured numerous songs out of which the song ‘Jiya Se Jiya’ was an instant hit. Drum Café and percussionist Sivamani were featured together with A. R. Rahman in this album. This fast-paced song always sets the vibe right!

Chayya Chayya

Chaiyya Chaiyya (Thayya Thayya in Tamil) was a commercial and critical success. This is the first song that comes to everyone’s mind if we mention a grooving soundtrack. This album is again from the ARR and Sivamani combo. This dance number was filmed on top of a train with Shah Rukh Khan. This is also Sivamani’s one of the finest works. Also, this song is every 90’s kid’s favourite dance number.

No Problem

Another fast-paced dance soundtrack that deserves a mention is ‘No Problem’. This song is from the 1996 film ‘Love Birds’. This album has several hit songs composed by ARR. Percussionist Sivamai is also a part of this project. This album is known for melodies like ‘Malargaley’. But, one of the significant peppy songs is ‘No Problem’. This sprightly fast-numbered song was done in collaboration with Apache Indians.

Ponni Nadhi

Ponni Nadhi

It is clear that Sivamani has been a significant part of ARR’s musical journey right from his early career till now. The recent magnum opus of Mani Ratnam, ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ is also a part of their journey. This periodic album featured some unique songs and sounds. The first single from this movie ‘Ponni Nadhi’ got released in July. The sharp drum sounds in most songs are the work of Sivamani.

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