Exceptional Pathway for Exceptional People (Differently-abled) at Chennai’s Marina

• Let the sea gets the bliss of touching the feet of differently-abled people.
• An initiative by Greater Chennai Corporation.

The tides of the ocean are blissful when it touches our feet. But Does every mankind get this blue-soothing experience? The answer is definitely a big “No”. Ocean is like our grandmother’s home wherein we run to her, play with her, embrace her and wave a bye to her until next time. The rejuvenation, it provides when we step near the blue sea, is immeasurable. This is due to an intense connection between mankind and the ocean. The excitement of meeting the blue ocean closer has not been happening for the differently-abled people. As it is difficult to wheel the chairs on the beach sands, it made them stand apart. They cannot feel the blue water soaking their feet as other people can. Most of us may not have thought about these exceptional people and their lifestyle but the Greater Chennai Corporation did.

Chennai’s Marina has several historical incidents inculcated in its sands and breeze. So, it adds yet another one – the exceptional pathway for exceptional or differently-abled people that amuses all. This is an initiation by the Greater Chennai Corporation. As planned, they laid the special pathways for the differently-abled people which was actually planned on December 3rd for ‘World Disability Day’. Reportedly, “Physically challenged persons have been facing an uphill task to move (their wheelchairs) on the beach sand. This prevents them to enjoy the sea and watch the tides closely,” a Chennai Corporation official put forth. As planned, it is constructed from the shore to the sea line to make the hearts of differently-abled people smile thereby enjoying the tides and splashes of blue water.


A temporary wooden friendly pathway was all set last Sunday for the differently-abled on the shores of Marina and allowed the people to make use of it on December 27. The smile on their faces is literally the purest thing you have ever seen when the water splashes touch them. The photographs of this initiative measure have been shared on social media platforms and thanked the Greater Chennai Corporation for making it possible. However, the ‘Wheelchair-accessible Marina Beach’ is from December 27th to January 2nd (with the inclusion of COVID restrictions on Jan 1).

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