World Oceans Day 2021


June 8th has been observed as World Oceans Day. It focuses on curbing ocean pollution, enhancing the health of the blue lungs of the planet, and improving marine life. While the planet has offered a place for humans to live regardless of requiring anything in return, we just have to do this easiest deed of not polluting the blue lungs of the planet (Ocean). If only people realize that the connection between oceans and humans is eternal and divine, then they might be doing their part of not polluting the oceans. While it is considered that a deadly virus like coronavirus is affecting the entire world, we do have other issues that are affecting the planet. However, we might have come across certain clips or videos on the internet where sewage or wastes are released into the divine blue waves, which is an extremely cruel act. Mankind actually fails to remember that they are also part of the planet and put their existence at risk along with the entire world.

Being the second virtual celebration of Oceans Day since the rage of Covid-19 last year, World Oceans Day was first pronounced in 1992 by Canada’s International Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD) and the Ocean Institute of Canada (OIC). Later, the United Nations officially recognized “World Oceans Day” in 2008. From then, the day has been marked to celebrate our blue friend and ensures to create awareness about the oceans’ health.


This year, the second wave of raging coronavirus has suppressed the other issues of the planet. But the pandemic situation makes the oceans space further worse thereby affecting the underwater cultural heritage, declining marine lives, and increasing the threats for the seas. So, the planet’s blue lungs need our attention and extra care. Recently, World Environment Day had its celebration with the theme of restoring the ecosystems. This also includes oceans in it. Howbeit, we could not enjoy seeing the decline of our planet which is why it is our responsibility to protect and save our oceans for a better future. Also, UNESCO states that “Oceans help provide the air we breathe, the food we eat and the fuel that powers our world.”


United Nations celebrates World Oceans Day with a particular theme every year to create valuable changes. Last year (2020), it had the theme “Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean” which manifested the innovative ways to help the ocean survive thereby stopping the pollution and protecting it by all means. This year, it has the theme “The Ocean: Life & Livelihoods” which sheds light on the life and livelihoods of oceans and how it sustains. However, we must protect and save our blue buddy thereby living harmoniously with the entire planet. Happy World Oceans Day!


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