5 Things to do in Pollachi

Pollachi town—which is nestled between the fields of Coimbatore and the Anamalai Hills—is the perfect travel destination.

Things to do in Pollachi? For those looking for a distinctive southern experience, Pollachi town—which is nestled between the fields of Coimbatore and the Anamalai Hills—is the perfect destination. The sloping terrain is dotted with coconut fields, tea gardens, and pastures hidden within the thick vegetation of Tamil Nadu’s “coconut capital.” With so many tourist attractions nearby, Pollachi is the perfect destination for a short vacation or weekend escape. Any one of these intriguing locations around Pollachi is well worth a day trip. These places are effortless to get to and will enchant you with their charm. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the top things to do in Pollachi if you’re considering a trip there.

Things to do in Pollachi:
Explore the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary

An approximate two-and-a-half-hour drive from Pollachi will bring you to the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located around 68 kilometres distant. This sanctuary is home to various different species of trees, notably teak as well as rosewood, and is located around three kilometres from the Topslip Tiger Reserve. Along with the rich flora and wildlife, this place is home to numerous other natural attractions, such as the Grass Hills, Manjampatti Valley, and Karian Shola Trek. In some circumstances, prior approval from the pertinent officials is necessary in order to visit these locations. The quickest and perhaps the easiest way to reach the Anamalai Tiger Reserve is probably by catching a train to Coimbatore and then driving to the Reserve.

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Make plans to visit the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Located in Kerala’s Palakkad district, close to the southern terminus of the Western Ghats, the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is about 44 kilometres from Pollachi. The refuge is not simply a haven for wildlife and a variety of aboriginal cultures that still call its vast reserve home. From Pollachi, the area may be accessed in a car in about 2 hours plus ten minutes. The historical contributions of these cultures balance the natural qualities that are present there side by side. The journey to the wildlife reserve begins with a drive from the town of Pollachi so you should probably take a car if you have your family with you.

Enjoy a fun day at The Monkey Falls

The Monkey Falls are located north of Valparai, approximately 30 kilometres from Pollachi as well as 6 kilometres away from the Azhiyar Dam. For both tourists and residents, these waterfalls provide a lovely setting where they may unwind amidst the water and the surrounding scenery. Occasionally, you might also see kids swimming around and enjoying fun in these waters. The most dependable transportation method is to hire a cab there because it is highly improbable that a bus will bring you to these falls.

Remember to visit the magnificent Aliyar Dam

Aliyar Dam

You should also go to Pollachi’s Aliyar Dam, which is yet another interesting location. Aside from serving as a storage reservoir, the Aliyar dam, which is approximately 25 kilometres from Pollachi, also serves as the enclosure for a number of additional attractions, such as a small amusement park, a garden, sailboats, a playhouse, as well as an aquarium. The perfect place for a family picnic! On the very start of the path that leads to the dam, you may find the Arivu Thikukoil. You’ll pass through the Anamalai Tiger Reserve Complex along the way, which is a sanctuary to the aforementioned species as well as lion-tailed macaques, wild boars, and other animals.

Capture some pictures of Loam’s viewpoint

Matthew Loam recorded his way back from the mountains via this site in 1886, hence it was decided to name the point after him. The ninth hairpin bend of the path through Aliyar Valparai Hill is where you might find it. Visitors may get a birds-eye perspective of the stunning surroundings from the point of view of Loam, which makes it a well-liked tourist destination as well as a significant contributor to the regional industry. The view improves significantly just after the 10th and 11th bends, but the 9th curve is the best because it also provides an excellent observation position from which to capture the sunset.

And those are some of the best things we have in mind that you need to do when you’re in Pollachi. Have you visited this magnificent town filled with beautiful landscapes? Let us know!

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