6 Best Places for Halloween Celebration

The Celts in Ireland observed the Samhain festival on October 31 more than two thousand years ago, when the dead made one last trip to the planet before the new year began. Old fires were put out, and new ones were started. When thousands of Irish people left Ireland in the late 19th century after the potato famine to immigrate to America, Halloween increased in popularity on the other side of the Atlantic. Halloween is observed in a variety of ways throughout the world. Today, we’ll look at some of the best places for Halloween celebrations that you should visit.

Best places for Halloween celebrations:
Derry, Ireland

What better place to observe a festival than where it originated? Derry, Ireland, is said to have the “best Halloween celebrations in the world.” This city has many things to offer. You can participate in the world-famous Halloween Street Carnival Parade. With participants from all over the world dressed in costumes, the parade is rumoured to be absolutely stunning. Other well-known attractions include Monster Fair, Jack O’Lantern Festival, Samhain Sessions, and Awakening the Walls.

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Transylvania, Romania

Halloween is naturally enhanced by the presence of mediaeval palaces and castles scattered throughout the dark, dense forests of Transylvania’s high mountains. Transylvania is also the birthplace of everyone’s early life nightmare, Vlad the Impaler, also known as Dracula. On the eve of Halloween, a number of Dracula-themed tours are provided, one of which is a visit to the eerie Bran Castle in the Carpathian Mountains where he is said to have resided. Numerous mediaeval castles, ruins, palaces, and Saxon fortress churches can be found in Transylvania. During Halloween, these locations are bustling with exciting and spooky events.

Oaxaca, Mexico

In Mexico, Halloween is observed as the Day of the Dead, or Diá de Los Muertos. While Halloween is focused on ghosts, witches, zombies, draculas, and other frightful supernatural and haunting figures, Dia de Los Muertos is actually about showing respect to our loved ones who have passed away. They have a strong belief that accepting death is preferable to fearing it. The recently released animated film Coco, which debuted a few years ago, does a fantastic job of depicting this festival. Flowers, pictures, and candles are placed on people’s loved ones’ graves. The celebration includes food, beverages, and music as everyone gets to spend the night in the cemetery.

New York, USA

One of the most lively places in the world is New York, the city that never stops or sleeps. It is therefore not surprising that New York hosts the best Halloween ceremonies in the entire world. The New York City Village Halloween Parade, which takes place on 6th Avenue in Greenwich Village, is one of the most thrilling parades to watch. Another entertaining event to check out is the Annual Halloween Festival and Costume. There are also many horror-themed attractions this season, including haunted house tours, horror plays, and other events.

Salem, USA

Salem is also referred to as “the witch city” and has a public image for being eerie due to the 1962 witch trials that took place there. The city is home to a number of memorials honouring the survivors of the famed witch trials, which host a tonne of entertaining events on Halloween. There are numerous interesting tours and walks that embrace the witch city during the night. There are many things to do, so you could also visit a psychic, watch a trial reenactment, or do something else.

Hong Kong

Although it was not a part of Hong Kong’s culture, the city has enthusiastically embraced Halloween. Today, Hong Kong is referred to as the Asian Halloween Capital City. The Halloween commemorations here are not to be missed. The Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween Bash is the spot to be for an amazing Halloween experience. One is sure to have a great time with all the people dressed up in crazy costumes and the rides and shows themed around Halloween. If not Disneyland, visit Ocean Park for its Halloween celebration, which is Hong Kong’s largest theme park. Besides this, a popular event during the spooky season is the Dead Not Alive Party, which is frequently held at the former Marine Police Headquarters.

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