How About Reintroducing ‘Vintage Lifestyle’ on this Halloween?

The modern lifestyle would make you exhausted by this time, right? How about playing with the concept of adapting a vintage lifestyle for a day at least? This Halloween, try dressing up as vintage people and reintroduce the vintage lifestyle to your neighbourhood. So, you must be trying to live a simple and happy life where you could live a life and not just survive. Not to be surprised, if many people say that they love to follow the vintage lifestyle.

Living a vintage lifestyle could either be your love for it or through influence or other factors. Be it anything, you all have got to admit that you have a pinch of love for those 1980s bell-bottom jeans and floral skirts. An exemplary vintage lifestyle is what everyone wishes to live especially during the current situation. The people are actually reversing their way of life through which they could breathe happy, healthy, and contended as well. So, below are a few tips to lead a vintage life if you are wondering where to start from. Try adapting it at least for a day on this Halloween day 2022.

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Turn on the Radio:

Disconnecting yourself from social media is one best moves you could make to lead a vintage life. You know your work time and when you are done with it, you just completely be away from your phone. Or else, stop checking your phones often as it would make you worried and stressed. Instead of pulling out your phone and scrolling down the feeds, you could invest in the radio and turn it on to listen to the news or some pleasant songs or interesting voices of or stories from ‘Radio Jackie’. Remember this 2019 blockbuster Tamil movie “PETTA”, in which, Superstar Rajinikanth use to carry an old radio with him and just sit and relax to it, do you? Well, you just have to do it in his style.

Clean Your Home:

Working in front of the screens the entire day would make you forget about the surroundings. You would be least bothered about the home which is why you have to schedule cleaning your home at least on Sundays. And if you wish to do the vintage stuff, then wash your dishes with your hands since there was no dishwasher back. When you wash dishes with your hands, it consumes some time for you to be mindful and to be drenched in the silent world. This might be serving as an interval for you from the digital world. Similarly, plan to clean your bookshelves or room or entire house on Sundays as it could help you distract from relying on mobiles during relaxation. Be that vintage lady of the house to feel rejuvenated.

The Outfits Play a Major Role:

When you decided to do the cool and classy vintage stuff, you have got to think about your outfits as it does matter the most. Presently, most people are picking vintage-inspired fashionable dresses to slay their vintage lifestyle. All you have to do is to research and set your trend true for yourself.

Do The Family Dinner Thing:

We had family dinners back in our childhood days where the entire family was present. Obviously, this is not the thing now. So, it would be better if you switch off the Television, and mobiles away from your dining table, and talked about the day or fun things while having dinner. The texts, tweets, and tags could wait for you as they are not urgent things right now. And if you do not wish to talk while eating, then be silent and have mindful eating. Because that’s how the vintage thing works!

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