The Best trekking spots in South India


“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

Most of us would like to have a trekking experience at least once in a lifetime. At times, vehicles could be available only to some extent and then you have to climb the hard rocks by yourself. Trekking is still a dream to many girls and it is possible to trek in South India with safety precautions. We all know that Himalayan terrain is famous for trekking where passionate trekkers would test their bravery by risking their life. We all have the pre-notion that South India is widely known for its traditional values, cultures and architectural buildings but Nature Mother has spread a wide variety of hills and valleys for you to feel blissful. South India also serves with best green lands for trekking for you. Let’s plunge into some thrilling trekking places.

MUNNAR – Munnar is one of the vibrant hills. The trekking tour is almost done by passionate travelers around the world. stations of South India and it is praiseworthy for trekking. Munnar is located in Kerala with majestic hills, vivid valleys, serene roads in the middle and grasslands on both sides. Gigantic Anamudi is the highest peak of the Munnar and is mostly preferred by trekkers. Trekking holidays with the acquaintance of mist and fog, windy air, tough and muddy roads, riding with your beast or maybe your bike will make your trip a memorable one. Both men and women trekking camps are available at this place. Check this place out for stupendous experience on the hill!

NILGIRI: Next comes the vigorous hill station in Tamil Nadu known as Nilgiri Hills and is situated in Tamil Nadu which shares the borders with Karnataka and Kerala. You could have also heard about Ooty, Kotagiri, and Coonoor of Nilgiri district which is visited by the most number of people. All these three goosebump-inducing places are the most wanted trekking destinations of Tamil Nadu. The best time to visit these places is at the time of April to June and September to December for you to trek. Yet another advantage is that the place will be neither too hot nor too cold. What makes people pick up this place is that the good and favorable climate, gentle slopes and restrictions are limited here. You can dive into the joyous atmosphere without any limitations.

ANANTHAGIRI HILLS: Glowing weather attracts the trekkers at Ananthagiri hills in Vizag. Naturally, trekking is little harder for the first time trekkers but at this favorable for the first time trekkers. Lively hillocks and forest encircled Ananthagiri hills providing enthusiastic places for trekkers to traverse. The forests right here are not dense enough and so it is easy for first-time trekkers. So, the people who really wanna try trekking can confidently choose this hill station in Andhra Pradesh.

KODACHADRI: Do you wanna know how fit you are? Then try trekking at this toughest place in Shimoga district of Karnataka. Damn! The adventurous place which provides hard trails of South India and it is better if you trek from October to February. Meanwhile, on your way climbing, you could witness Ganesha Guha, Hindlumane Falls, and Belakallu Theertha. What else can more bliss than exploring new things? But keep this in mind that you should be fit enough to choose the place.

It is something that feels like you are very near to touch the clouds as you climb at a particular point of the hills.

Climb along with natural acquaintances!

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