Benefits of Collecting Souvenir While Traveling


Could collecting Souvenir while travelling benefit you? Being a French word, Souvenir means remembrance or memory. Mostly associated with tourism, the souvenir is something you could purchase to keep things as memories about the place you visit or holiday gifts you could provide to your friends and family or to keep it for yourself to remember those good-old vacation times. Well, various places around the world would offer you different forms of souvenir with their distinctive styles.

It would be the perfect way to depict your love for the places you have travelled to. If you ask people who do this type of souvenir purchase regularly when they travel to different places, they would narrate to you how amazing they feel and how essential the souvenirs are. It could be anything that obviously brings back your memories or make an individual go down memory lane.  Let’s find out how collecting souvenirs help you!


What happens when you saw something more attractive during your purchase while you are vacationing? You would of course be elated and run to it with that hype in your mood. You feel like the objects are actually waving or speaking through unutterable words and you want it right away. But how does it bring that big smile or happiness or change of mood in you, ever thought of it? This is all because your brain would feel elated by releasing the feel happy hormones including endorphins and dopamine.

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While travelling or vacationing itself a stress-buster or stress-reliever, purchasing souvenirs could help you with it as well. With the bombardment of joy and happiness due to the work of happy chemicals released by the brain, your stress and depression could be faded away by suppressing the stress hormone.


Remember that amazing treasure hunt game from our childhood? Well, the excitement of hunting would be the same when it comes to hunting for things you have been wanting particularly. For instance, you might have already heard some special items available only in the place you are going to travel to from your friends or well-wishers. This might kindle your expectations and make you more adventurous by hunting for the spots where you get those things. Or, some of you might have the habit of purchasing books wherever you visit, you might wish to hunt for the best bookstores in the place. When you are on your way following the map to the shop or spot, you might come across several other things which might be stop-worthy. The thrill of hunting would actually make you learn more about the places and experience a lot more than you asked for.

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When you travel a lot and purchase cute little keepsakes, you would find yourself a heap of your collection at home. And you would stare at the beauty of it or someone else who sees your collection would pat you for seeing beauty in everything. On the other hand, if you are gifting a souvenir to someone close to you, they would appreciate the perfect selection and you would feel happy when they are standing in front with a big smile.


Souvenirs could be miniature or models or any objects which you would place in your home in front of your sight, isn’t it? Whenever you see it, you get this “memories bring back” situation which would make you travel to new places or work for it. You earn, save, travel, and collect souvenirs and the entire collection would tell what your life is!

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