Deepest and Longest Caves of South Asia: Siju Caves of Meghalaya

How about planning a trip to the freaking awesome caves, where the darkness leads to the light of knowledge and unique experience! Most of us would like to travel to unknown places, yet we fail to accomplish it due to certain excuses. Some of us would like to have a walk on the dark roadside, some of us would like to jump high in the air, some of us would like to risk our lives for a thrilling experience and some would try new things to get rid of the fears. We need to overcome our fears in life and so some fellows take a brave step to explore the unknown places of the country. One such place is the limestone caves of Siju or the Siju Water Caves of Meghalaya. This is one of the world-famous limestone caves that is carved with a grand river network and the caves are deemed as one of the longest caves of a network.

Siju Caves of Meghalaya

Explore the Longest Cave of South Asia:

Located on the lateral side of the Simsang River near the Naphak Lake in Meghalaya, Siju Cave is embedded with the naturally beautiful phenomenon of the world. The caves are primarily limestone caves, that are eye-catchy for its stalagmites and stalactites formations. The intricate works of the caves are formed by the limestone pillars heaped together due to the erosional and abrasional agents of nature. This deepest and longest caves of India are otherwise known as bat caves and the 1 km long cave is spread with a variety of obscure recesses of stalagmites and stalactites that are known to be the houses for one of the biggest colonies of various species of bats. It serves as a great ecological hub that offers visitors several attractions in all means.

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So, we could have seen many movies where they exhibit caves as darkest place and an important cast will be moving with the fire stick inside the caves or with the headlights. Caves are portrayed as one of the darkest and gloomy places that are inhabited with several bats, insects, and other such small reptiles may be. Some may be afraid of exploring the caves in reality but there lie the hidden gems to be induced. To overcome your fear of darkness, insects and other creepy stuff, it is recommendable to visit a cave once in a lifetime. You will be on cloud nine once you have completed your spine-chilling exploration of adorable caves. So, one such cave is Siju caves which are remarkably India’s third longest cave.

Princess Di’s Chamber:

Yet another important attraction of the Siju caves is the Princess Di’s chamber. Did you know that the chamber is made up of limestone? Yeah! The limestone chamber of the Princess is ornamented with aesthetic development of stalagmites and stalactites and adorned with a local legend. The rhythmic sounds of the river network will provide you the tranquility and you will be one amongst nature itself. You could literally find the beauty of the caves that are camouflaged with the darkness, only if you step in! The flora and fauna of the cave is one of the massive attractions of the caves and continues to amaze the visitors.

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