Do You Believe? This Waterfall In India Has SEVEN SISTERS


Astonishing Seven Sisters Waterfalls!

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.” – Danny Kaye.

Naturally situated along the Gangtok-Lachung highway, The Seven Sister Waterfalls is nuzzled amidst the natural green nymphs. True to the falls name, it is a harmonious array of seven different and surging falls. The Seven Sisters Falls is a kind of waterfall that symbolizes the seven states in the northeast namely – Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram, and Meghalaya. And this enchanting fall is divided as seven parts over the cliff of the hills.

It thus provides a spectacular view to the visitors and would never fail to amaze the visitors with its complete green ambiance. Mesmerizingly beautiful with its greenish ambiance, the seven milkfish falls gushing out and above it are the hanging clouds that make the spiffing view. It is literally a jaw-dropping experience when you look at the seven falls altogether at a single place. You will be crazy enough to feel the cool splashes at your face.

Being the fourth highest falls in India, the falls is also known as Nohsngithiang Falls. The captivating view of the place, as well as the entire region, comes alive when it rains. The falls being rugged from the common cliff, it looks significant when you look up at from a distance. The cliff is caressed by the chillness of dark clouds and then the sprinkles of water pour from the sky and join the waterfalls, thereby creating a stupendously spell-bound ambiance along with the flamboyant rainbow. The waterfall thus plunges down the vegetation and falls on the limestones which in turn makes a roaring sound.

The Tourist and Civil Aviation Department has built a waiting shed and a cafeteria right here to promote tourism and to attract as many visitors to this site. It is worth waiting at this place where you can spend your time to relax and also enjoy the photography sessions. Due to the efforts of turning the place into more tourist-friendly, it has now unveiled as a perfect spot for the people to spend valuable time with their family and friends amidst nature. So, the lush green background of the place gravitates the people to visit the spot. There is also a small footbridge over the stream where the photographers could get their perfect click.

The best time to awe-struck at the waterfall is during the monsoon and this is the perfect time to visit the place as the rainfall dances on the cliff and joins the waterfall. So just plan to visit the verdure place between June and September. And the site is open every day where you can be welcomed every day of the year.

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