Swing with the Mood: Happy Mood Swing!

This is a very common phenomenon by which every human gets annoyed most often. This is gender unbiased but most of us fail to understand this fact. It is quite normal after puberty. It holds plenty of scientific reasons and proof. In the case of men, it is mostly above the age of 40. This has become more common these days due to our advanced and self-careless lifestyle. This article deals with tackling mood swings caused by situations and menstruation.

Mood swing – scientific reasons:

As the entire article focuses on mood swings in different aspects, let me start this by quoting some justified medical reasons. Firstly, we have to understand the fact that men do undergo mood swings, and it is after the age of 40. The reason behind this is due to low testosterone or male sex hormone levels, which in a technical term, is known as andropause. We all are well aware of the mood swings experienced by women during menstruation, pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy, hormonal imbalance issues etc. Also, irrespective of gender generally humans have mood swings if they are diabetic or fluctuations in blood sugar levels, patients with heart and lung disorders, psychiatric problems etc.

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Swing with the mood:

We also know that mood swings are caused by situations. Now how to deal with this? Just “swing with the mood”. This may sound weird. Yet here is an explanation for this. The mood is like a kid playing in a swing, it has beautiful happy progressive ups and also depressing backward downs. Still, the kid uses this backward movement as a gentle thrust to move forward again. Now let us compare this with our lives. Due to uncertain situations, we experience failure or a less charged mood which ultimately leads to dullness. Now here comes the time to swing with the mood. The first step, accept the situation. The second step, undergo the situation with a clear mind which is equivalent to swinging with the mood. The third step, stay in this downfall or dullness preferably for a short timespan to realize the correction. This sounds senseless but practically every human needs some time to get out of the pain or situation before correcting it. To be honest crying or remaining dull for a few minutes can self-heal a person at times but not always. The fourth step, bounce back by using it as your gentle thrust. But always remember that the key to happiness should always belong with us and not by an outside factor.

Menstrual mood swings:

In general, every human who undergoes menstrual mood swings get irritated each and every time and it is totally fine. This feels really annoying, distracted, physically painful, angry etc. But one thing we must be sure of is to get ready for the next time instead of complaining about it. Prepare your routine mood fixer whatsoever it may be. For example, for a few it could be chocolates, binge-eating, watching movies, reading books, hot showers, etc., Always remember to be prepared and comfort yourself. We cannot always expect our outer environment to constantly be in our side. “It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy” -Lucille Ball. Few give pity looks during the menstrual process. This is to those who have done this so far, please understand that these pity looks are not going to motivate the person. Instead, show your concern in different ways.

To conclude, the mood is the perfect indicator of our emotion in a situation. The initial reflex moods hold the details. Escalate yourself by accepting it.” Happiness can exist only in acceptance”. George Orwell. Also, everyone must consider male mood swings and deal with them accordingly. Let us rule the mood and do not let mood rule us.

-Prashannalakshmi Arumugam

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