Here is Why Thailand Tops Everyone’s Must-Visit List!

Thailand tops in everyone’s must-visit places and none can resist this truth. One of the world’s stupendously amazing places is Thailand, which is also known as the Kingdom of Thailand and is called Siam in the past. And amongst other tourist places in Thailand, with Bangkok as its capital, it is one of the most famous places and attractive tourist spots in Asia. The ambience provides you with great and delicious food, an amazing tropical climate, captivating culture, exalted mountains, and bluish beaches to explore the clear water. Thailand allures every traveller around the world and never stops to stun travellers. Enter the world of exploration in Thailand, it has been inculcated with Ayutthaya which is a UNESCO world heritage site, Chiang Rai which is a gateway to the Golden Triangle, thrilling mountain trekking and famously known as Phuket which is naturally known to be the original Thai paradise island which has blissful beaches. And now, let’s look into the most attractive places to dive into serenity.



Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail is an energetic place which completely proffers you the flabbergasting view in Krabi province and is the best viewing place in the South of Thailand. And you can also have thrilling and soothing trekking at this perfect place. The climb to the pinnacle point of the view takes about two hours and in the end, the top view is worth a breathtaking one. Think of you sitting on a rocky stone and enjoying the spectacular view of nature covering Thailand on the top by tangling your legs!

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This is located about 70 kilometres from Krabi town, which is found in the heart of a small jungle preserve and close to the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. It is also known as ‘hot tubs’ which produces a therapeutic and soul-soothing experience which are actually crafted as smooth rock-producing water from deep-rooted thermal spring located in volcanic chambers. It will help in aiding health issues like rheumatism and sciatica. How about you were sitting in a bathtub which is excavated out from nature and encompassed by a rainforest! This is literally a unique experience once in a lifetime. Have an amazing jungle bath in the stream and dip your soul totally into it!



Thailand itself is surrounded by a densely greenish-blue environment. Railay is an attraction in itself as it is a small peninsula which is accessible only by boat because of the tall limestone cliffs. In truth, it is the most popular destination which are explored and discovered by hippies and backpackers in the late ’70s. Railay’s four beaches namely, Tonsai, Railay West, Railay East, and Ao Phra Nang are only accessible through the sea. And these highly impressive and incredible beaches of Thailand will never cease to stagger the travellers from worldwide. Explore the caves at this place which will instil much knowledge within you and you will enter the cave as an unknown person and will be returning back with a known and knowledgeable person. You could try rock climbing and prod into the Princess Cave and Diamond Cave at Railay.

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Phi Phi is known to be an archipelago of Thailand. As it is a group of islands in Thailand, it is the best place for couples to spend their time. It is almost visited by many travellers and other couples. The crystal clear water and white sand will make your soul fall for the ambience. Ko Phi Phi Don is one of the largest and most populated islands in the group. Ko Phi Phi Le is also visited by many travellers as well. The other islands of the group include Bida Nok, Bida Nai and Bamboo island which are inhabited by large limestone rocks that jutting out of the sea.


This particular temple is encircled by large trees which are hundreds of years old. And located specifically in the Khiriwong Valley Mountains. It is one of the most interesting temple complexes in the southern part of Thailand. It is served as a meditation centre, a surprising archaeological place and provides stone tools, pottery remains and the footprints of Buddha have been found. Tiger cave temple is otherwise known as Wat Tham Sua.

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