How To Choose Hotels When You Stay Outside?

Selecting the best hotels offering the tremendous hospitality, cannot be an easy task.

Chaotic about how to choose hotels when you stay outside? A tremendously growing Hospitality – Tourism Industry means increasingly available options for one to stay in any city. So how does one choose a Hotel? Listed are five points to factor in before making that booking!


It’s optimal not to overspend. We tend to be attracted to what looks good, however, a wide range of hostels and rooms are available at minimal costs. Their facilities might be basic, but as long as something is hygienic, safe and secure, one mustn’t hesitate to go for cheaper options.

Travel Plan

Which hotel to stay in depends on the reason for your travel.

Work? That requires peace, quiet and brilliant WiFi.

Exploring cities? That requires a central destination closer to where you want to go.

Backpacker’s Budget? That requires a safe, comfy bed to rest in.

Pitstop? That requires a night’s sleep so you can move onwards the next day!

It all depends on what the itinerary is like.

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Seek comfort and luxury. Then behold a dearth of luxury hotels solely existing to make your hotel stay the best stay. If a luxurious escape is what you seek then opt for high-rated, high-priced hotels that shall not disappoint you.


How far is your hotel from what your travel plan says? When staying in the hills or any mountainous region, a hotel that’s within walking distance from most tourist places is important. If you’re in a city like Goa or Pondicherry, you can explore them on scooters/bikes so hotels away from the main city (hence cheaper) can be opted for. Generally, hotels near public transport or railway stations or airports are preferred. Take a call depending on what your mode of travel is, how much the distance is and what your plan is.

Number of People

Who are the travellers and how many? If you’re travelling solo, hostels are always preferred over hotels. If you’re a group of friends, an Airbnb would be most fun and comfortable. If you’re a couple, then a cosy hotel works. And if you’re a family, look for something safe and child-friendly.

The hotels you stay in impact your mood, budget and your travel memories. So choose wisely. Safe travels!

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