The Most Weird Custom of Married Women Being NAKED In This Indian Village



The title itself brings you a blow and creates curiosity to learn about it!

The five days festival makes women shed their clothes!

Check out this queer festival of the village in Himachal Pradesh!

A well-known fact is that India is naturally infused with the mystery and flamboyant culture as well. India is a country where people follow different cultures and tradition and the country is rich in its flabbergasting landscape as well as mesmerizes people from overseas. However, people from other countries explore India with awe-inspiring feel and surprise at the variety of cultures. But what if some of the traditions make the native people shock and surprise about the practice of their own country people? Doesn’t it sound weird? Absolutely Yes! People might find queer when they learn about some weird traditions practiced by a particular group of people and never let outsiders participate in it.

People have been following and respecting their own traditions for ages and ages. And then there are certain festivals celebrated by a particular group of people. Most of you might have known about different tribes of India and their weird customs and traditions. Similarly, we are going to learn about one such group of people in India.

A village named Pini that comes under the district of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh has been practicing uncanny festivals. Here, the festivities come with certain rules and traditions and the people of the village follow accordingly. The most primitive kind of practice of this village is that women are not allowed to wear clothes during the five days of a particular festival time. It does not stop here but yet another unusual thing is that the wife and the husband should not smile at each other during the five days of the festival. Isn’t that weird enough to hear?

Well, we might have come across India’s most weird practices in different areas but this one might be weirdest of all, right? Whatever, it is their custom and tradition had to be followed and people of the village are accepting it and practicing it for years as well.

This particular festival of the village has its own history as well. It is celebrated as an occasion when the deity of Lahu Ghond destroyed the demons on the very first day of the month of “Bhadrab”. Howbeit, the five days celebration of the festival never allows people to drink either. When it comes to women prohibited from wearing clothes for five days, they would wrap themselves with woolen pattas to cover their modesty. On the whole, the residents of Pini village make sure to lead a restrictive life during the festival days of the month.

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