5 Super Naughty Couple Games To Spice Up Your Honeymoon



Spice up your romantic time with fun and thrilling games!

Honeymoon is where you could get a chance to know about each other if it’s an arranged marriage. Even if it’s love cum arranged marriage, you still get days to spend some quality time with each other. When it comes to arranged marriage couples, there might be a huge wall between them to understand each other. And if you are tired of these silly talks, here are few Indian wedding honeymoon games which are helpful for you to understand your partner and spend greater time with each other. You might even come across some kinky games to play with your spouse in the bedroom which would spice up your time together on the bed. Though these games would not help you to understand your partner, by all means, you could understand them in a more fun way. Even though you both have good communication and understanding, these games would still helpful for you to re-ignite the fire in you by creating a stronger bond while you are playing together. So, here are a few games that are equally interesting as well as kinky enough to bond you together with both physically as well as mentally.

TWISTER: One of the classical games, Twister is a favorite game for many couples for years and years. You should involve in playing games which would put you together and make you laugh together in the merriment. The game is played with a mat which is made of plastic mat and markings of varieties of color circles. And there is a spinner attached to the plastic mat where one of the partners has to spin the dial and move the hand or foot to one of the colored circles and they are the floor mat. When couples play the game, each one of them has to enable the other to reach the spinner whereas the referee has to spin the spinner when it comes to actual rule. So, couples could select this game to play on their honeymoon.

IMITATION GAMES: This would be more fun as you act out with your partner and it could be more beneficial in your relationship. Here you could act like your favorite characters from movies or shows or your partner’s favorites. It would more interesting and fun-filled when you imitate each other.

HOT AFFAIR: Ever heard about hot affair game? There are various cards in the game and there are cars which are marked as Steamy, Passionate, Intimate, Fantasy, Dream, Desire, Romance, Longing, etc. So, the winner of the game now has the power to decide on which type of emotion they would involve in. This steamy game would be helpful for you to create a romantic ambience as well.

LUST ADULT GAME: Here is yet another exciting as well as a thrilling game named Lust Adult game. The game is steamily exciting because it inhabits a lot of foreplay and fantasy but this is an adult game. Here we have to-do cards that have various cards on different topics that are associated with fantasies. One of the partners should pick a to-do card and does what is written on the card. The game targets on kindle the sexual instincts of the lovers. This must be added to your honeymoon pleasure-giving list.

DISCOVERY GAME: This is an intimate game for couples who have been together for years. Discovery game is an interesting fool-proof way for you and your partner which would make you highly connected and bonded together. However, anyone could use the game to strengthen their relationship.

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