The Supremacy of South Indian Breeze

When it comes to India, it is all about the rich culture and tradition. More than its culture and tradition, India manifests the best natural atmosphere. People from overseas traverse different parts of India not just to experience the different cultures and traditions but also to experience the landscape and natural ambience. When it comes to South India, it takes one to a different world of ecstasy and tremendous experience. The breeze caresses your cheeks, the lush landscape, the spicy and healthy cuisine, and especially, the native people and their hospitality. All these things certainly prove the supremacy of the South Indian breeze. Continue reading to know the various ways to embrace the supremacy of the South Indian breeze.

The Lush Landscape:

The fact that South India is comprised of different states can make it the best to traverse through. The God’s Own Country and evergreen Tamil Nadu is known for its exuberantly green landscape. Not to mention, the famous Western Ghats runs through Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. This directly welcomes you to embrace the best times of experiencing the superabundant Western Ghats. On other hand, you just can keep yourself from falling for the stupendous view of Vizag, Tirupati, Chittoor, and Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh. Well, you cannot resist the inclusion of mesmerizing Andaman and Nicobar islands.

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Top South Indian Places Resembling the Fascinating Foreign Lands:

Believe it or not, you do not look deep into the South Indian places even being a child of Southland. You may always be dreaming of flying to your dream destinations such as Italy, the USA, Paris, and much more. The true essence of nature and culture of the place drags the outsiders right here. But then, there are South Indian places that resemble your dream destinations. So, before flying abroad, just explore the same right here in your land.

Plan a trip to Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu as it resembles France, Kerala’s Alleppey resembles Italy’s Venice, Karnataka’s Coorg resembles UK’s Scotland, and Kadapa’s Gandikota resembles Arizona’s Canyon. Kerala’s Munnar resembles Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands, Karnataka’s Jog Falls resembles Canada’s Niagara Falls, Tamil Nadu’s Pollachi resembles Europe’s Switzerland and Kerala’s Western Ghats resembles Brazil’s, Amazon Forest. So, having a second thoughts already? Who knows that may turn into your supreme thought from now on!

The “Nowhere else in the World” Foods:

Admit it, you can nowhere else in the world taste and experience the distinctive deliciousness of South Indian cuisine. The original is forever the original. South Indian cuisine itself incorporates the diverse and rich culture of the different states it comes from. Be it choosing healthy ingredients or the natural way of cooking, no other cuisine can match this uniqueness. Moreover, the brilliant use of spices is a top-notch thing when it comes to South Indian cuisine. So, why don’t you have a food tour across South India since each state has its masterpiece?

The Hospitality of Native People:

The southern lands of India embrace you with warmness and kindness. The native people naturally inculcate kindness and friendliness. The foreigner may no way feel like an outsider but he or she feels comfy as if his or her homeland. So, the supremacy of the South Indian breeze can be a treasuring experience. Never ditch the idea of exploring South Indian states.

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